Past Life Surprises – Opening Your Book of Life

past life surprises opening your book of life y HobneW5IPl 580brightSpirit plays a key role in our fulfillment of our life purpose, known as our Life Contract or Book of Life. Your ‘Book of Life’ is your existence in a total lifetime.

Our Spirit Guides will become intimately aware of the path our soul created for this life and they will assure we move forward. If we get off path, our Spirit Guides help us to move back into alignment with the experiences our soul wants to have.

Spirit Guides have access to all of our lifetimes, therefore, they are a true resource for where we have been in our soul’s existence, where we are, and where we’re going next. Prepare to be amazed as you develop a relationship with your spiritual guides who’ll reveal the vastness of who you are as a soul and how to best fulfill your soul’s greater destiny of its existence.

This life is but a moment on your soul’s total timeline, but this life is important. It may surprise you how there are thematic experiences from one lifetime to the next.

With most people alive today, their soul has lived hundreds of lifetimes and some people thousands of lifetimes. The amount of past lives does not equal necessarily a more advanced soul, it simply indicates diversity in the soul’s existence and wisdom grown over the course of all lifetimes. This diversity and wisdom will shine through into this lifetime. Sometimes one has a breakthrough moment where they more actively align with their soul and its essence, and for others it happens over time.

Cultivating a deep awareness of yourself means opening up to the vast infinite knowledge of your own soul. Our goal with discovering our soul’s purpose in this life or life destiny, is to put together the pieces of why the soul chose our particular combined life experiences from pre-birth through to this moment and all the way to our physical death.

Building this picture takes time and patience. It can help us to reflect on our greater experiences or existence of our soul which includes past incarnations to help us put into perspective this incarnation.

Soul-Based Living is a journey of connecting more deeply with our loving soul each moment and each step of our life.

Soul-Based Living encompasses all of the wonderful experiences we are meant to feel and share with each other.

When you use Psychic Retrieval® to access a lifetime, it’s more than just reading about that lifetime. You literally have the opportunity to step into any vantage point from any person who existed during your lifetime. Of course stepping into your own vantage point of that incarnation is most useful, but you may easily jump into the perspective and life experience of people you came in contact with who shared major events with you during that lifetime.

Being able to see through another’s eyes, and feel through their heart, is incredibly helpful to build the complete picture of the experiences and lessons during that lifetime. You can spend countless hours discovering, illuminating and feeling with one single past lifetime.

Past Life Surprises include:

• a recognition of people in your life now and your connection with them from past lives,
• understanding deep passions and attractions you have within you,
• thematic soul lessons,
• how your personalities have been similar and different,
• how Spirit Guides worked with you to accomplish your soul’s vision,
• and not just how you felt during a past life, but how others felt about you during that life.

These illuminations and much more are your pleasant surprises as you explore your soul’s vast existence.

Remember, every feeling and thought from your soul’s existence, is available to you here and now through Psychic Retrieval® Sessions. Have fun with it!

New Three® University guides you to open your book of life to reveal past life surprises and more in Trainings

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