Oneness with Spirit – Your Heart Opening to Divine Love

oneness with spirit your heart opening to divine love 121 img 4666 580wOpening your heart to Divine love happens when we take that big leap of faith to trust Spirit.

Surrendering to the Divine is the simplest thing you’ll ever do. But it can also be the most challenging leap of faith, as you let go of the way you’ve navigated your life to embrace your spiritual compass that is fully activated when you are One with Spirit.

My first memories of when my heart closed down to Divine love was with television and movies that depicted an unsafe physical world and an unsafe spiritual world.

Cartoons were brutal and violent. Elmer Fudd trying to shoot and kill Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote trying to kill in so many ways the Road Runner, Tom and Jerry attacking each other. These are examples of cartoons I grew up on. Around five years old I began watching scary movies that depicted poltergeists and evil spirit’s haunting and harming innocent people.

What was happening subconsciously is an even deeper disconnect from my innate knowing of what Spirit and God actually are, as all loving beings that would only do what is for our highest benefit. Now introduced to me was the possibility that these invisible forces could do harm to me.

It only got worse from there as I grew older and was exposed to more “entertainment.” My story of disconnection from Spirit’s love is not unusual. Many infants and children are similarly exposed to destructive “entertainment.”

The ground-shaking epiphany I had on my twenty-fifth birthday gave me faith. It changed me, realigned me with Spirit and opened my heart to Divine love. Then two years later in 2003, I took a big leap of faith when the Divine asked me to move. I left a steady job, family, friends and everything I knew in Southern California where I was born and raised, to move to Utah, an area I’d never been to and knew little about. It was the hardest leap of faith I’ve made under Spirit’s guidance, but I did it and what happened next was miraculous and magical!

Oneness with Spirit can happen in an instant, forever changing your feeling about your place in the world and all of existence.

It is important to understand that the experience of Oneness with Spirit happens through your Nonphysical psychic senses. Because the Spirit World and Spirit’s love is coming into you from a Nonphysical place.

Opening your heart and mind to expanding your psychic sensitivity will truly allow you to feel the Divine love of spiritual oneness, see it, hear it and know without a doubt that you and Spirit are unified in energy and love.

Probably the biggest advantage of this surrendering to Divine love is a powerful clarity that comes into your moment-to-moment experiences of guidance and purpose. Opening up your intuitive channels gives you more and allows you to appreciate the Divine assistance in your life on an entirely new level!

The most permanent approach to being One with Spirit, feeling and knowing that oneness every moment, is to gear your spiritual growth practices with the greatest vision of being like Spirit. We’re talking about syncing vibrations of you and Spirit.

When we think about Oneness and opening up our heart to abundant Divine love, the only permanent way to sync vibrations are for the vibrations to become more similar. Since Spirit is pure love, and all of the beautiful qualities of pure love, known as soul-based living, then our goal is to choose to be more loving and soul-based everyday with each breath we take.

Spirit is transparent, nothing is kept secret and Spirit never lies.

Honesty, acceptance, patience and unconditional love are four important Divine qualities for us to sync into.

The question then becomes not ‘why isn’t Spirit with me more’, but the question is:

• How do I become more like the loving Spirit?
• How do I become more like the Divine?
• How can I feel safe to express Divine love all the time?

We all have a story of our life that clearly illustrates why we are not living a more expressive existence from Divine love. We were born synced with Divine love. Don’t hide or fear your story because it is your story of why your life moved out of sync with spiritual oneness that provides you the map to open your heart and express the love that is deep within you.

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