New Divine Chapter – Spirit’s Plan For You Now

new divine chapter spirits plan for you now ws BmOz71zgC 580x387brightcolorpopHuman potential is being accessed now more than ever by humanity. It’s the time we’re in, this great shift of the ages called the Age of the Soul, where we are returning to our eternal spiritual nature—LOVE.

Support from Spirit Guides is stronger than ever, in the history of our incarnation experience, because of a Divine Plan that was set in motion millions of years ago for how our evolution as a species would unfold. The spiritual significance of this era is that while it may not be so apparent, humanity is transcending ego-based living. This ascension or alignment into our soul self is possible and Spirit has a plan to help us accomplish soul-based living.

Their plan is for them:

• to be more involved in our day-to-day lives,
• to help us make more soul-based decisions,
• and understand what true unconditional love is and how to experience it.

But for them to help, we need to:

1. Ask, expecting to receive answers every time with confidence, humility and patience,
2. Knowing that Spirit’s supportive advice may contradict our own human desires, and that it is healthy to have that difference of opinion from our beloved guides.

Think about it, if you surround yourself with friends and family who only completely agree with every opinion and desire you have, who will be surrounding you? Not a single person. Because no two people desire the exact same things and because it is the unique perspective of each person that brings the beautiful, colorful, diverse experience to life.

Spirit Guides have a vast wisdom and knowledge that while incarnating we are just not capable of perceiving, so it is always in our best interest to humbly and patiently listen to their guidance with an open heart and mind to be redirected in ways that sometimes we don’t completely understand. Spirit’s plan for us is to love and support us in spiritual alignment and fulfilling our destiny.

Knowing and feeling Divine Love and the love of our own soul means radical self-awareness. For how can we love more if we do not dive into the awareness of adjustments that need to be made in our perspective of ourselves and life?

The path to love is not ungrounding and avoiding the emotions, thoughts and situations that bring uncomfortable feelings and emotions up for us. Instead, it is grounding and facing these uncomfortable feelings and the thought patterns that are creating them, which we can only accomplish when we are fully grounded and present for them.

The old paradigm of leaving things unsaid, sweeping things under the rug, or in other words avoidance, is a path of avoiding a stronger experience of love. Of course, separating parts of our self and putting them away is the opposite of oneness. Oneness is with even the parts of us that in this moment we don’t prefer to feel.

Our New Chapter and Spirit’s wish for us, so they can better help us move into EXPANSIVE LOVE is:

• radical self-awareness,
• transparency,
• revealing that which we’ve concealed,
• an overall perspective shift that uncomfortable feelings simply mean opportunity to love more,
• and the gift of more love is seeing everything as an opportunity!

This new Divine Chapter we are in asks us to be more self-aware every day, ultimately bringing us into a full consciousness and human potential that is far more accessible by enhancing our intuitive soul senses.

Psychic senses of:

1. Seeing our multi-dimensional self,
2. Feeling what’s behind our human emotions,
3. Hearing guidance of Spirit and
4. Knowing a greater wisdom in moments that seem disempowering.

Our psychic awareness allows us to look at reasons that are not apparent causes of ill health, emotional discomfort, uninspiring patterns we’ve learned in our life.

Our vast intuitive awareness is magical, adding depth and fulfillment to everything but it also allows us to see where we’re out of alignment with our soul’s plan so we can move more into unconditional love and purpose every day!

What is your next step into aligning with your soul?

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