Never Feel Wrong Again – A Humble Radical Shift

never feel wrong again a humble radical shift G 2251 2440 580wWhen our mind and heart do not believe that we are doing as well as we could be, or that life is not going as well as it could go, we move out of alignment with our soul’s vibration and purpose.

A detrimental ripple effect is created from the moment we acknowledge:

"Something feels wrong."

No matter how developed a person is or how much they have transformed within themselves, we’ve all felt this.

Unfortunately, when we linger in these thoughts, it will tug and pull us away from the natural rhythm and vibration of our loving soul. As this happens, we move out of alignment with our highest path and greatest wellbeing. It also greatly colors how we see life.

The old paradigm is about changing something physically, outside of us.

The new paradigm is about changing our perspective of the situation, person or thing.

Often clients will initially come to me asking how they can change a loved one, a partner or child’s behavior. It’s common for me to hear, “How do I get them to stop doing this?” or “How do I get them to do this?” My reply every time is, “Change your perspective of the situation and allow the situation to align with your new perspective.”

We can change our own perspective and have the new perspective change the physical world around us in the most immediate and impactful way.

Please take a moment to meditate on this approach, because while it sounds simple and probably something you believe you’ve done or heard before, it takes tremendous patience. It is super simple to understand in theory, but can be very challenging to put into practice consistently. Patience is key. It is through patience with yourself, as you change a perspective on a situation and with those involved, that you will see energy move and reality become different.

Situations where you feel a tug or pull with a little voice saying something is ‘off’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘not okay’, do this:

  1. Take a deep grounding breath into the present moment and feel your body.
  2. Ask yourself the question and take your time to imagine, “If I was to envision and feel that this experience is ‘right’ and that I’m ‘okay’, what would it look like and feel like?” You may choose to journal about what you imagine.

At first, being patient with yourself to view situations this way may feel like effort, but you will eventually create a new perspective of viewing life from this soul-based perspective.

This is a perspective shift!

  • By moving from ‘wrong’ to ‘right’ and from ‘not okay’ to ‘okay’, you will align with much more peace and passion for your life that exists now—in this moment.
  • From there, you will know exactly what action to take next, if any.

You may not believe the new perspective at first. It may be difficult to get in touch with. Be patient. It is okay if it feels artificial at first. You are getting parts of you into alignment with your soul’s loving, peaceful nature.

This is one of many understandings to align with your soul and live a soul-based life.

As we take one step closer to soul alignment, we become more aligned with our soul’s purpose on this planet.

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