Many Lives – Past Lessons, Massive Healing

many lives past lessons massive healing se SQedz1Gg0 580x387brightOur past life existence is fascinating to discover and reveal the interesting people we’ve been throughout time.

There’s a greatly overlooked benefit in addition to our curiosity. Our benefit is the massive healing that we can have today by drawing from the lessons we have experienced and already overcome in our past life existence.

The most effective way to use your psychic potential to bridge healing from your past lives into this moment is by:

1. Identifying a current resistance or challenge you’re facing in any area of your life.
2. Then, have it be your intention, using our Psychic Retrieval® Session, to access a past life that can illuminate your way through most effortlessly and abundantly with your current challenge.

You see with all the lives that you’ve lived, you’re bound to have lifetimes with experiences that can directly relate to lessons you’re going through right now.

This is essentially pulling from your Library of Lifetimes, your Soul’s Archive. So your pathway of healing today can be supported with this tool that’s within you right now, your psychic ability to access the infinite knowledge of Creation. Therefore, you’re more aware of your soul and its vast, infinite existence: past, present and probable future.

Being connected with your soul is not what we’re talking about, because that is already happening with or without your active participation. We’re talking about having a deep awareness of your connection with your soul so that you feel it, see it, and believe in it with complete confidence. Practically speaking this means experiencing deep soul awareness as you navigate:

• this cumbersome physical Earth experience,
• difficult personalities of loved ones and coworkers,
• surviving in today’s world and economy,
• and finding intimate joy and passion through it all.

Soul awareness brings you a deep sense of satisfaction, love, joy, and compassion, that is life sustaining.

This wonderful feeling of spiritual awareness grows with each passing moment that you choose soul-based thoughts and actions, creating a soul-based perspective of the world and yourself.

It’s amazing when you reach a tipping point of soul alignment. An awareness comes in about your greater soul’s existence that connects you to a wisdom of past lives, in-between lives, deeper reasons for why your life is what it is and also where it’s going to end up.

In the first couple of years after my spiritual epiphany, I meditated multiple times a day and would often receive visions that would teach me. Some of my favorite meditations were where Spirit would bring me to a meeting place on Earth, usually in a cave or nature setting, to meet with anywhere from one to a dozen Spirit Guides. I would see them clearly taking human form, wearing human attire and sometimes speaking while seated around a rectangle or oval table. They would speak amongst themselves loud enough for me to hear everything and have fun witnessing it, and other times they would speak directly with me, as though it was a true council meeting. These visions were always very special to me because they included clear hearing, deep feelings and an expansive knowing, as though I was physically there with them.

Spirit would also take me to past life moments where it was more than watching a movie, it was like being in the movie and watching it at the same time. Being able to move from the perspective of my body during that lifetime to other people’s perspectives, who were in a particular scene of my Past Life Movie, was incredibly helpful to learn, grow, and connect to a greater wisdom about the healing I was going through in the moment. Sometimes I was also brought to Past Life Movies to be taught wisdom and practices that I needed for my purpose in this life. A huge benefit of absorbing the multi-dimensional, full-sensory past life teaching was it give me the lesson and experience without needing to go through it in this life. What a gift and blessing!

A cascade of healing occurs when you reach 51% of soul alignment – meaning 51% of your perspective is seeing the world from the perspective of your soul – and this massive healing happens from a Unity with Everything. Limited options and limited thinking dissolves quickly and a timeless knowing brings to you an experience of Oneness beyond this life and it extends into every lifetime and every Nonphysical experience your soul has had.

The lessons and wisdom of your expanded self can then be drawn upon intuitively by simply placing your awareness to what you want to know to help yourself.

Spirit, meaning your spiritual guidance, follows Universal Laws. Understanding Spirit empowers us with insight into how to have our relationship with them be most effective in our lives. For instance, we can better work with Spirit by understanding:

• how Spirit chooses the things that they share with us and the things they do not share with us,
• as well as when they extend energetic healing support or allow us find our own way through a challenge or health crisis.

This way, when we go into a session to communicate with Spirit, like our Voice Channeling® Session, we can have a guide for navigating Spirit conversations.

Navigating Spirit conversations is actually an advanced in-depth topic, but the tip I want to share with you is: Spirit greatly shapes their answers based on what is supporting our soul’s vision and purpose for this lifetime.

When formulating questions about past lives to Spirit, or about healing, or overcoming something, it’s helpful to merge them together. Such as: ‘Spirit, I’d like insight into this challenging situation I am facing right now. Please show me a past life I have lived where I’ve successfully faced and overcame a similar situation or lesson.’

Because just simply saying, ‘Spirit show me past lives of myself,’ could bring you less predictable results.

The reason I formulate the question in a way that asks for a lifetime, where I’ve made it through and overcame the situation, is so that I can truly help myself in my current situation.

Seeing a past life where you faced a similar challenge and didn’t make it through is not helpful and less purposeful.

You will have greater results from this more specific approach with questioning Spirit, so they can best meet your needs and request.

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