Manifesting Destiny – What No One’s Talking About

manifesting destiny what no ones talking about C 3908 1514 580x387croppedWhen it comes to manifesting your destiny, we need to address vital points that nobody’s talking about.

This is an Advanced Teaching that I’ve previously only introduced to long-term clients because there is so much to learn to properly harness the power of this advanced manifesting focus. But because so many people are struggling to create the life they desire, I want to at least open your mind to what’s possible today, and what may be interfering with what you want to manifest.
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First, I need to introduce you to an important spiritual teaching on the HUGE difference between the Nonphysical and Physical World.

The Nonphysical Spirit World can only serve our highest benefit – without exception! Meaning that spiritual guidance is working for the highest benefit of every person.

Whereas the Physical Universe, where we as spirit incarnate into as humans on Earth, has the potential for that which is not our highest benefit.

Through the Universal Law of Free Will and Universal Laws pertaining to incarnation, a special experience happens where a human can choose what does not serve their soul’s destiny in this life, as well as it provides humans a vast capability to choose the ego-based perspective that directly contradicts their true soul nature.

This Ties Into Manifesting One’s Destiny in Three Ways:

1) The obvious way many have talked about is: Where you put your conscious attention, or focus, is what you manifest and draw to you.

But the other two more important components of manifesting are overlooked:

2) Your subconscious focus that you are unaware of is actually creating and drawing to you as much as 90% of your experiences in this life.

Five Accomplishments® Coaching is focused specifically on addressing your subconscious mind to bring it into alignment with your soul’s plan.

3) Believe it or not, your spiritual guides are creating what your soul planned before you came into this body and life—not necessarily what the human part of you desires, but...This is overlooked almost completely.

Spirit guides are following your ‘life contract’, known as your ‘government of life’ or ‘soul plan’, and will always orchestrate events and direct you into alignment with this vision that your soul created before your birth. There is no exception to this. It is the purpose of your spiritual guides. They guide you into the experiences your soul intended to have, because all beings in the Spirit World abide by Universal Laws that create the highest benefit for you.

The highest benefit for you is to fulfill the experiences your soul intended for itself. (This contradicts, somewhat, the idea that Spirit supports anything and everything we desire as a human. They accept it. But that doesn’t mean they will help us create it.)

Voice Channeling® is your portal to receiving your soul’s plan and involvement of your guides. Your guides will reveal to you, if you’re open-hearted and open-minded, the precise next steps that will bring your soul the experiences it wanted to have. Keep in mind, personal growth, personal challenges and growing into a more loving and purposeful life is going to be the theme of this direction.

If your human desires are choosing, consciously, to create against what your soul planned to experience in your life, your guides will accept your choices with love, but they will not bring the full impact of the Spirit World to co-manifest these contradictory human desires. They will always support and manifest what your soul desires. This balance of loving acceptance with a re-directional support for your soul is the beauty of spiritual guidance.

Manifesting our destiny has everything to do with soul alignment and very little to do with flashy, quick, immediate gratification.

Trust your soul has a special plan for your lifetime. Your spiritual guidance is supporting it in every way. It is our job to align our subconscious mind with our soul’s life vision to reveal and manifest our destiny.

The Divine channeled our techniques for every person to align with their soul’s vision for this life.

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