Manifesting Beyond the Law of Attraction

powering up your feeling of spirit 8 5349 846 580wInfluences are constantly affecting our ability to manifest. Teachers are tapping into higher levels of manifesting: conscious thoughts; then, subconscious thoughts; finally, manifesting beyond the Law of Attraction altogether.

It's likely many people reading this are thinking, how can something be more effective than even the "Law of Attraction"'s a universal law, isn't it?

The interesting, missed understanding about universal laws, is they mostly govern our physical experience, but there are exceptions, for instance, where the Law of Attraction does not govern our life direction, in the context of focusing our thoughts to manifest something.

Manifesting beyond the Law of Attraction does involve our conscious and subconscious mind, and something else...aligning with our soul's life purpose.

'Soul Manifesting' is an approach to manifesting that is far more effective, in so many ways, than only using 'Mental Manifesting'. They complement each other, and they are quite different at the same time.

Mental Manifesting is the common understanding of focusing thoughts to produce an outcome or manifestation. Powerful, yes. But the issue with this is without a grounded spiritual context, resistance can sometimes be experienced.

You will eliminate resistance and completely move into the 'flow' of your destiny by including Spirit, or Soul Manifesting.

Spirit, or spiritual guides, are assisting us. They are actually redirecting our life path and influencing our choices, based on a template that was created before we incarnated. This template is our mission, itinerary or life destiny. This was created by our soul, the eternal part of us. It has been called a life contract, government of life, or life destiny.

Because every person has spiritual guides, and these spiritual guides honor the most revered Universal Law of Free Will, we can choose to create anything in this life...

But if what you choose as a human being is not in alignment with what your soul chose before it incarnated, your spiritual guides will not assist you in that creation. Your spiritual guides may even attempt to redirect you to what your soul did intend to experience in this life. This redirection happens when people are 'off path', 'feel stuck' or continue to ignore a nagging feeling or intuition to go in a different direction.

By aligning with our soul's vision for this life, which is supported and preferred by our spiritual guides, we open up to the most powerful manifestation that can be known as a human.

This unleashes your fullest potential as a human to manifest what your soul wanted to experience in this life.

Passion, fulfillment and happiness come from this alignment.

Though remember...the journey into this alignment could feel challenging and seem a bit scary at first. Eventually, it is felt as exhilaration and joy, so please be patient with yourself.

You can manifest in a way that is aligned with your soul's plan and purpose. You can produce the greatest experience of your life – start today!

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