Love Notes From Your Soul Gifts For Your Purpose

Gifts are everywhere. Do you see the gifts in front of you now?

The energy of this new year is calling us to receive the multitude of gifts for our life purpose.

Each gift expands us, opens us, allows us to be present as our loving soul manifests its reason for being on the planet at this time.

Then our question is more than ever, "How can I serve my soul's purpose by capturing and opening every gift in every moment?" This approach is based on the understanding that each moment is an opportunity to expand into and know our soul's destiny more deeply.

Each emotion, belief system, action and even physical manifestation are love notes from our soul helping us to make the best decisions and course changes to feel passionate and fulfilled inside as a result of more fully living our purpose.

We must embrace radical self-awareness to the point that we are aware of every dimension of ourselves in each life experience. By delving into radical self-awareness we can see our gifts more clearly, gifts that bring opportunity, abundance, healing and fulfillment. These gifts are within our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and how the universe responds to us, how people interact with us.

The question you want to ask yourself next is, "Do I feel like gifts are presenting themselves each moment to align me and deepen my spiritual connection or do I not sense gifts abundant and everywhere?" Be specific. Become aware of the most specific details in your self-awareness exploration.

Most people do not adopt this way of living, because at first it is challenging to maintain an expansive aura of awareness of self on so many levels in so many ways. But as this approach becomes a learned norm, it is easy and your awareness simply is happening without effort, allowing you to be empowered to radically shift yourself and your life into the powerline of your highest spiritual self.

Do you know how incredibly interesting YOU are, and how fascinating and inspiring it is to become so SELF-AWARE? The experience I have from choosing to see myself and the world with detailed clarity has given me the ability to more easily shift conscious and subconscious patterns and be fully grounded in my own energy, allowing the powerline of Source and my soul to work through me beyond what I could have manifested without it. I see everything with incredible clarity and make conscious aligned choices that give me spiritual connection and vitality. Each moment every possible probability timeline is available based on different choices myself and others around me are making. This provides me the creative power to alter my life path to be much more aligned with the destiny of my soul and the highest benefit of the Planet.

Full consciousness is a beautiful goal for us to be passionate about. Being aware of each emotion, even before they are felt is extremely empowering. Noticing when my body is out of balance before it physically manifests, while it’s still on an energetic level, empowers me to prevent many physical challenges I once experienced 18 years ago. Radical self-awareness is a gift that continues to give me gifts every day to feel more love and passion. When I feel my aura move into another expansion phase as a result of being more aware, I celebrate it in joy! That’s why Melissa and I absolutely love teaching the programs that elevate your vibration and soul purpose.

Governing this world are Universal Laws that are invisible lanes for travel. Both your own soul and your spiritual guides follow these Universal Laws, as well as your soul's pre-planned destiny, to keep you moving forward and in as straight as a direction as humanly possible.

When you imagine spiritual assistance, the type of assistance that is available to you and every soul incarnated, I invite you to imagine this support as pure love, the purest unconditional love example that we may know. Spirit is aware of the Universal Laws and destiny of your soul, that provides momentum for you to experience goals of your soul and along the way the Spirit is showing and sharing gifts with you as clues and ques to have awakenings and sometimes epiphany's.

When you crack open your heart and mind to radical self-awareness, the Spirit has incredible access to help you in ways that we would typically think and also in ways that are unimaginable. Deep introspection of self with the intention to become more spiritually aligned is your code to unleash the full power that Spirit can bestow upon you. Give yourself permission to know yourself and see yourself, but most of all feel yourself with clarity and truth, here and now. Declaring this, opens your potential up to the infinite gifts that are everywhere.

In time wisdom grows, awareness expands, psychic clarity strengthens. These activations come with time and grow with time. It is your choice the rate at which they expand!

We want to help you to expand your wisdom and awareness to deeply experience your own soul in physical form. The path to experiencing the full powers of your soul completely opening up to you - your intuition, spirit communication, healing, manifestation and more – is your personal path to Enlightenment. There is a path to this level of mastery that doesn't require you to leave your home and family and go into the hills. Enlightenment can be realized through purposeful steps taken each day, moving you into deeper love and freedom as you progress. In doing so, you enjoy the journey and connection to your soul vibrating and uplifting areas of your life into a wide-eyed wonder and connected wisdom of deep truth.

We want to invite you into our Five Accomplishments® Coaching curriculum. We would love to welcome you into this life changing experience.

Together we'll focus on grounding, mastering your energy, self-awareness, full consciousness, knowing your passions, seeing your opportunities, conscious reprogramming, subconscious healing, balance, soul alignment, releasing the ego, knowing and feeling your soul 24/7, responding lovingly and productively, focused steps on your purpose and goals, advanced manifesting, balanced soul-based parenting and more. You'll learn a self-coaching system you can use anytime you need it. Everyone also has the option to use this coaching system to help other people.

Learn to masterfully help yourself exist in peace and love every moment and align with the flow of energy and synchronicities that you were put on Earth to experience.

Working with you to experience the greatness of your soul is our deepest honor.

New Three® University teaches your path to Enlightenment in Five Accomplishments® Coaching

Five Accomplishments® Coaching

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Self-Coaching to Live From Your Soul Grounded, Present, Inner Peace, Healing
  • Feel Connected to Your Soul’s energy, love and wisdom.
  • Heal Your Body, Mind and Emotions.
  • Transform Limitations from ego-based to soul-based living.
  • Be Unaffected by other’s energy.
  • Learn the Five Accomplishments to Becoming One With Your Soul!
July 27, 28, Aug 10, 11