Knowing the Deepest Desires of Your Soul

knowing the deepest desires of your soul G 6798 2229 580wAre my wants and desires coming from my soul?

A common question people ask is whether that feeling is of the soul or just a human desire.

Have you ever thought, “It feels like my soul longs for and wants *this*?”

What’s true is that our personality has wants and desires, and our soul also has wants and desires. The soul’s desires are always going to be the most purposeful and fulfilling, but may also be challenging. Typically the human personality’s desires are more of a comfortable feeling because it’s human to choose what we think is a path of least resistance. The issue is our limited human mind can’t know for sure which path is going to lead us into the greatest soul fulfillment. Only the soul knows this.

Sometimes the wants of our personality are aligned with our soul, but often times they are not. Timing is usually where we’re off using only the human mind. We may strongly feel we’re meant to have something right now, when it actually may be years away.

The ‘when’ of my soul’s plan is often different than my personality’s wants. Because I have 7 different New Three® Sessions to use for myself to clarify the details from a deep soul level, I’m able to keep my human personality in check. My personality often wants everything to go “further, faster”! Ultimately, I trust and follow my soul’s plan more than my personalities desires.

There is a specific life plan that we are following. It’s been called by many names: Life Contract, Soul Agreement, Life Destiny Plan. It simply is a plan for your current life that your soul created. Your spiritual guides follow this plan to help you reach your soul’s objectives.

Much planning goes into the body your soul chose and the difficulties it will encounter, so it may gain the lessons and experiences that will give it exactly what it desires to receive from this lifetime. Your soul had a very good reason for creating the sequence of life experiences that have led you to today, and that will continue to motivate you forward.

Every step into a deeper understanding of every facet of yourself, expands the vision of who you are as a soul and what your soul desires to experience in this lifetime. Please don’t think it’s the same for every person. It’s not. Each soul and each soul’s lifetime is extremely unique, fulfilling a very specific set of experiences that the soul wanted to receive.

You have a team of spirit guides whose purpose is to help your soul fulfill its life purpose. Recognize the vast knowledge and wisdom that your spiritual guidance has about every aspect of your life. You are an open book to spirit, and they see the prophetic intention that your soul had created before it incarnated into your body.

Therefore, knowing your soul’s deepest desire can be expanded upon by intending for your spirit guides to share about that vision of your purpose in a Voice Channeling® Session. Your intention can be specific about your soul’s desire, meaning the experiences your soul desires to have in this moment. The session intention can be about a particular life situation that’s unclear for you or that you need help with making a decision.

Voice Channeling sessions are tapping into the vast energy that your spirit guides have to support your soul fulfilling your destiny on the planet. Please remember to always bring in real situations that you’re going through, so that spirit has a more grounded point of contact to illuminate the desires of your soul!

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