Jumping into Real Love, The Initiation of the Soul

jumping into real love the initiation of the soul G 4733 237 580wMistrusting is our largest block in the way of true unconditional love.

We call stepping into unconditional love, the initiation of the soul, because when we dissolve the mistrust, your spiritual light floods into your body, mind and feelings, revealing in every instance the path of greatest benefit and love.

It can happen in one instant with just one choice. It's not always easy to choose unconditional love and this is why:

Unconditional love is not a space of the mind, so it can be confusing, leading to mistrust of it. Confusing by those observing you from the outside and confusing for the one that has crossed the threshold into unconditional love. The mind does not feel in control, because the mind cannot make sense of it. It is not a place of mental rationale, mostly.

It’s a soul sense and understanding, if you will, that’s led by an inner knowing from a connection to universal truth.

Jumping up your vibration into unconditional love can happen with a jump in awareness about yourself, on a microscopic level, starting with such stirring considerations as:

  • "I don’t want to love this person causing me intentional unease."
  • "I don’t want to be one with this person, because I don't like their vibration or the feeling I have when I'm with them."
  • "They are negative."
  • "They aren't loving, so why should I be?"

We have our own version of disconnecting, separating statements about people that bother us.

But unconditional love is about unifying, and it's not always clear to the mind why it's helpful to take action or what action is best to take.

That’s why having the tools, these useful soul abilities, reduces confusion around taking the best steps, when it appears you are stepping blindly. They provide an understanding that can seem unreasonable to your mind, and a greater benefit where something sometimes feels sacrificed.

The pursuit of empowering yourself with your soul tools gives you direct perception using the sight, mind, ears and heart of your soul.

It's at this point, that your own human personality takes a step back and gives the soul the wheel to drive.

Eventually over time the personality does become more comfortable with the way the soul chooses to drive, because the personality sees it works out for the best over and over again.

But initially handing over control can feel like a struggle, and the way that you do it is through your strength of your connection with spirit, your sight of intuition, and your healing and manifesting that comes with radical awareness of self.

Ask yourself the questions today,

  1. What is a stretch for me in loving myself more, and what would it look like to turn over the driving to my soul?
  2. What is your greatest pain or challenge and how would that be different if your soul was driving, with its eyes, ears, mind and heart?

Consider this, journal about it today, or go into meditation to explore this exercise. Enjoy! 

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