Is Intuition Genetic or Can It Be Learned?

is intuition genetic or can it be learned 0 0516 48 580wIs Intuition Genetic or Can It Be Learned?

Commonly people believe that intuition is genetic, meaning passed down through a lineage or that we are born with only one or two of the four main intuitive senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Is this true or can we learn to fully open these four intuitive qualities?

My mother was always incredibly intuitive, not only knowing things before they happen, but knowing where missing objects were located with incredible precision. She also talked to spirit. Her main spirit guide’s name is Angelica and my mom shared with me that Angelica has been with her since the beginning of her life. My earliest childhood memories are of seeing spirit.

Is there a connection between my mother’s ability and mine? Yes, but not in the way you may think. The way our abilities are connected are simply because I was in the aura or energy of these abilities being used, so it actually programmed my subconscious mind from pre-birth that not only are these abilities real, but they are accessible. In this way, my abilities were nurtured. Though it is not genetic.

There are certainly numerous factors that decide how open a person is to their abilities and how easy opening them up more is for them, but every spiritual ability can be learned, because the root of an ability being closed down is in the mind. With practice and removing blocks we can open our intuition in ways we didn’t think was possible.

My intuitive seeing was closed down from age fifteen to twenty five, because when I was a teenager I saw my deceased grandfather in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to see anymore, so I said, “God, I don’t want to see ever again.” My wish was granted, and it wasn’t until my twenties that I said, “God, I’m ready to see.” Instantly, my intuitive seeing was open and I was seeing my spiritual guides. I had a mental block and I removed that block.

Every practitioner or client who goes through our Psychic Retrieval® experience, opens and uses all four of their intuitive senses. Our human potential is so strong, and it inspires me every time I witness it.

We all can achieve the evolution we desire. Please believe that you can too.

We at New Three® University would love to help you to access the full potential of your soul, wherever you are on your spiritual path. Comment on this blog post below and share your vision for where you’d like to be with your intuition and connection to spirit. If you think you might want to work with us Contact Us and let’s talk about it. It’s a perfect time empower your soul!

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