Intuitively Thrive – “I don’t see, but I want to see”

intuitively thrive i dont see but i want to see mg 8867 1933 new 580You are clairvoyant. You’re also clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. What I’m saying here is you have all four intuitive or psychic senses: intuitive seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

People believe they’re born with only one or two psychic senses, and this is very limiting. It limits confidence, our perception of the unseen world and therefore dampens everyday life experiences. Re-imagine what it would feel like to thrive with all four psychic senses, because all four are already on within you. It’s just a matter of recognizing it. Here’s how.

You do have an intuitive order, which means you tend to have one or two senses that are stronger than the others, but you do still have all four. First you need to identify this order. You may be aware of one of your strongest or weakest intuitive senses, but you need the full picture, so you can start exercising the ones that are weaker. We want all of our clairs to be equal in strength. Intuitive Charting can help you see this and understand your order (you can have an Intuitive Charting Session with us when you select at least “2” Psychic Retrieval® Sessions).

Then we get you into the intuitive gym to strengthen your weakest one, and you continue this process ongoing until all four are super strong. Here are a few things to think about that will get the process started for you right now.

“I don’t see, but I want to see” is something I hear consistently from clients in my one-on-one Coaching Sessions. I show them that they can see, and already are, and it opens up a deeper, richer experience because our intuitive seeing gives depth to the other senses.

I understand the challenge people can sometimes have with their four senses. One night when I was sixteen, I closed down my inner seeing when I saw my deceased grandfather in my room. It scared me, because I didn’t understand the loving spirit like I do now. In truth there was nothing to be frightened of at the time, but I didn’t know that, after being confused by scary movies and twisted cartoons. I declared in that moment out loud, “I don’t ever want to see anything ever again!” After that I did continue to feel and know psychically, although my seeing became very weak and unnoticeable to me.

We do this for different reasons. Some people close down their seeing because they saw something traumatic in their family that automatically shut it down to protect them from remembering what they saw. Part of intuitive seeing is accessing past visions of experiences. There are many reasons intuitive seeing is shut down and they are all located in our subconscious mind, which means they can be opened back up.

It wasn’t until the age of twenty-five that I declared that I wanted my seeing open again, and it opened. At the same time, my spiritual guides provided me ways to open and use all four of my psychic senses. God-The Source describes this in Age of the Soul. I am greatly appreciative of the capacity to see, feel, hear and know the world in the most expansive way a human can, with a full intuitive potential realized.

Having your full intuitive potential realized is meant for you and every person, because it’s how we’re meant to live. It is the world we’re moving into, where every human being is born, raised and lives with their expansive intuitive awareness through their entire life.

Here is a solution you can consider right now to reopen your full intuitive spectrum:

1. If everyone’s born with a full intuitive potential, and you’re not experiencing your full potential, then something happened during your life to close it down.

2. Make a decision if you are interested in knowing why you dimmed one or more of your psychic senses. This is a journey of personal revelation and transformation that will be greatly focused on experiences in this life, thoughts and belief systems, that must be illuminated.

3. Ask for and receive support to help you move back into alignment with your full psychic ability. This will change your life, so decide if you welcome the new way you will see the world with your intuition fully open.

This state of intuitive thriving allows you to access the infinite knowledge of Creation in a very practical way that helps you make better decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Because you have access to the past, present and probable future, you can always make a better choice with clearer options.

The Source gave us an incredibly effective technique, so you can realize your full intuitive potential. In our Psychic Retrieval session, you are opened up to all four psychic senses. You experience your seeing (clairvoyance) to see auras and visions, your hearing (clairaudience) to hear an inner voice and understand what you’re perceiving, your feeling (clairsentience) to feel emotions and intentions, and your knowing (claircognizance) to receive the bigger picture about a person or situation. These sessions will put you on the fast track.

New Three® University offers Psychic Retrieval® in Guided Sessions or Certification Training

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