Intuitive Playtime – Making It Light and Fun

intuitive playtime making it light and fun G 2452 36 580x387The pursuit of intuitive development brings most people to a place of wanting more. Have you thought about your intuitive development?

What are your thoughts when you’ve played with your intuition, but it didn’t give you the full satisfaction of the insight you were wanting to receive?

Timing is big. You receive an insight, but you don’t have the correct timing for it so it leaves you confused. Or,
• You might get a Vision, but it doesn’t make sense to you or you don’t know how to apply it to your life. Or,
• A thought comes into your mind about what to do and how to do it and you’re not sure if you should tell the Other Person Involved about it.
• Most commonly you get a little something, but it’s not enough for you to feel confident to Trust it and take Action with it.

There’s a beautiful balance between becoming an accurate, confident psychic and keeping it light and fun. Nothing replaces focused, deep intuitive development work. However, aside from the sessions and continued education on intuitive development, you’ve got a lot of space in between for intuitive playtime! This means all of the normal moments of your day-to-day life with your family, kids, friends, career, purpose and pastime activities.

Playful intuitive development can be experienced in a light-hearted, fun way in all of these instances. And if you are taking time out of your week for focused sessions and intuitive courses, then you’ve got to make the rest of your moments feel light-hearted and fun with your intuitive explorations.

Think of it this way, you’re a creative, artistic, manifestor. Your imagination is the doorway to your intuition.

Don’t forget about intuition in the regular moments of your life. Experience it from a new magical place!

The key word for it to be fun and light-hearted is “Detachment”.

In moments with loved ones where you’re wanting to intuit their perspective or a good next step to take with them, just simply:

1) Breathe, and
2) Imagine what your intuition wants to show you about the situation, and
3) Let it go completely with a breath.

Letting go and allowing your intuition to come in through your imaginary, creative soul channel is important for it to be more accurate, but also so you can have a playful feeling with it.

Over time by simply keeping an awareness of intuitive insights on a day-to-day basis with your normal activities is going to accelerate your development.

Your four intuitive qualities is the way in which Spirit communicates with you. If your intuition is more open, then Spirit can contact you more openly.

Spirit’s essence is joy and love. Spirit can be serious at times, especially when it comes to helping you get unstuck, which we all need from time to time!

The best way to allow Spirit to drop in to your mind and your heart, any moment they need to share insight or direction with you, is to be sure that your intuition is open and ready.

Spiritual communication and intuition go hand-in-hand. Developing one helps the other soul ability to be opened. Besides developing spirit communication tools like Voice Channeling® mastering an effective intuitive development tool like Psychic Retrieval® – where you can amplify all four intuitive qualities equally to their greatest potential – allows Spirit the greatest access to you for guidance and spiritual healing.

Experiencing intuitive development and spiritual growth in a light-hearted, fun way means that sometimes we need to look at the subconscious beliefs that are making it feel difficult.

When spiritual growth feels difficult, it’s because there are perspectives within our mind that are essentially creating resistance against the process. These resistant energies are in conflict, contradicting the growth and development available to us.

Soul-Based Living is an energetic place of being that allows us to freely move forward on our soul’s path. Soul-Based Living is our goal and we can determine our progress by how much resistance we feel moving forward on our soul’s wisdom and under direction from our Spirit Guides.

The world is in a place where everyone feels resistant bumps or blocks along the way, so it’s not about trying to attain a perfectionism where you never feel challenges. It’s about aligning enough with your soul so that you don’t stop, but continue moving forward. The ultimate goal is that the majority of our life moments feel light-hearted, playful and fun.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being extreme pain and suffering and 10 being playful and fun, what number would you give yourself in this moment of your life? Let’s allow this to be a starting point for our pursuit into a more fulfilling, joyful, passionate life!

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