Instant Shifts – What to Expect

instant shifts what to expect fly fJOepE9d 580wOne thing we all have in common is a desire for instant changes or instant gratification. By moving into a soul-based mindset, you will experience instant shifts each moment, truly.

My first passion was creating and performing music. Playing guitar in bands from age fifteen to twenty five provided me the greatest pleasure, and part of that satisfaction was how my music touched others. But I wanted more. I wanted a record deal with a real record company. Then, I wanted to write songs for major artists and produce them in the recording studio. I didn’t want to wait.

My epiphany with God on my twenty-fifth birthday showed me a new passion and purpose. Spirit has shown me a great, expansive vision of New Three® University, and what is to come thereafter.

Seeing the future and such an enormous potential, leaves a small part of me wanting it now, whereas the bigger part of me is enjoying each step of creating this global movement under spirit, and the magic each day brings.

More importantly, I’ve learned to see the instant shifts in each moment.

Moving away from ego-based attachments of what I don’t have yet, into the soul-based freedom and enjoyment of what I do have, provides me an appreciation for the big steps that are actually happening every day.

It could be a physical shift, such as my recent move to Big Bear Lake, CA, or a mental and emotional shift.

Shifts are happening right now on many levels for each of us.

Your Big Tips:

  • Learn to focus on the shifts that are occurring now, train your mind and heart to see the accomplishments and growth that is happening in each moment—and You Will Create More Of It!
  • Have an authentic dialogue in your heart and mind, “A shift is happening right now for me, and I’m celebrating it.”

This will move you into the alignment with your soul and as a result, you can expect to see more shifts that you didn’t see before, and new shifts that would not occur if you did not have this new soul-based mindset.

Your soul-based mindset can be cultivated every day to create a more peaceful, jovial life. This is also the energy of manifesting. The ripple effect of living as your soul in human form inspires and uplifts the people around you.

Many people want a reliable personal growth practice to create daily shifts within themselves. God-The Source has given Jason a successful sequence of steps that provide you a long-term, spiritual growth lifestyle taught in our Five Accomplishments® Coaching program. This program is experienced in two ways: for your own spiritual growth, and you also learn how to use the techniques to help others if that is your passion. Everyone has the most wonderful spiritual expansion personally, but some practitioners choose to coach others professionally with this spiritual coaching system.

New Three® University guides you into a consistent soul-based mindset in Five Accomplishments® Coaching Sessions and Training

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