Incredible Manifestation Power from the Universe

incredible manifestation power from the universe nd S7bg20ZxA 580x387brightcroppedUnconditional Receiving. We have been taught that receiving is not something you allow openly. You've got to give, give, give and only then you can receive. What would it look like for you to truly unconditionally receive?

The ultimate expression of manifesting is receiving everything from the Universe, without needing to give anything back in return.

You may say, “That feels uncomfortable.” I want to invite you to consider what your life would be like if you gave yourself permission to receive all the energy that the Universe has to share with you. Without:

• judging it,
• micro managing it,
• doubting it,
• going into the ‘should I’, ‘but’
• and then trying to equate what you need to give back to reciprocate.

What if you just simply allowed and received everything from the Universe…people, places, situations in your life, Spirit, God…just be this receiver. *What if your purpose was simply, ‘receiving’?

*This is a concept that I love supporting my clients to master in one-on-one sessions. It’s the source of our greatest abundance. But when we delve into the depth and truly consider it, it can bring up some subconscious beliefs, emotional resistance and discomforts.

The biggest challenge most people have with manifesting is emotional resistance learned by belief systems that are often subconscious perspectives we have picked up in life. It’s why many people feel they are in a ‘rut’ or ‘hit a ceiling’ in their manifestation, even those focusing on personal growth and transformation, because most people don’t have an effective, subconscious transformational technique. Spirit channeled this type of technique through me for our students to have big shifts in the most enjoyable way – whereas many people find journeying the subconscious mind painful and draining.

Let’s break this down a little more…

Manifesting = Receiving

Manifesting is Receiving, right? We want to open up to our fullest expression and potential in this life, and that means we want to allow our personal transformation process to continue for the rest of our lives.

A Clear Conscious and Subconscious Mind = Your Fullest Potential Realized = Spiritual Life Purpose Manifested = Greatest Contribution to Humanity and The Divine Source + Everyone Doing It = World Peace
(There’s more that comes after this, but what a great beginning!)

Why does someone want to manifest something…Is it just for the sake of manifesting?

You want to manifest something so that you can receive an experience of that which you are manifesting, even if you are wanting to manifest Global Peace and other things that appear to not be self-serving like wanting to donate your time to an organization to help feed the homeless. There is still something you are receiving from it.

Let us honestly see that we are receiving something from everything we intend to manifest. If we can embrace this understanding, we align with the most expansive version of receiving. Is this making sense?

How many times have you received a compliment and felt like you needed to give a compliment back? You didn't even take the time to be fully present in receiving the energy of that compliment.

Have you felt uncomfortable when you received something from someone because you didn't give a gift to them for their Birthday or holiday? You may feel, ‘Oh, I need to balance this.’ You are not giving yourself the presence to fully receive what the Universe is giving you in that moment.

The Universe is providing to you every moment of every day, every year, for your entire life, for your entire existence. There is so much for you to receive from Existence and if you were fully present for it right now, you would just be abundantly and overwhelmingly filled in a way that we can't put words to. It’s an incredible, energetic feeling inside when you truly give yourself permission to receive unconditionally from the Universe.

This is a journey for all of us. If we feel discomfort or to stop, pause or slow down with receiving, we want to:

1. Ask the question, “What is going on in my thoughts and beliefs that is creating the resistance?”
2. “Let me get to the root of it, let me identify it...”
3. “Let me recreate it…and have a shift, so that I can feel free to have more energy and freedom…”
4. “To embrace and receive all the energy that the Universe wants to give.”

This is not one-sided, trust me. If every single person on the planet was receiving unconditionally, what would this world look like? There would be a celebration of every moment for what the moment is, because every person would be present for what that moment is sharing with them. It would be a beautiful flow and fulfilment with every single person.

Of course it is not the world that we live in today, but it is certainly the world that we are meant to live in. By each of us taking one step closer toward this free, open experience of receiving—in other words manifesting—it helps the global vibration expand as well!

“The Life You Were Meant to Live” is experiencing your soul’s love and innate spiritual powers that includes full consciousness manifestation and so much more learned in Five Accomplishments® Coaching. This program encapsulates so many facets, changes and upliftment to one’s life.

The Life You Were Meant to Live = Your Soul Shining Through Your Physical Form = Feeling and Emanating Unconditional Love and Peace

How we feel about our life and sharing deep love with others is what really matters. Every person wants love, acceptance, joy, and it is here for you. We’ve learned not to see it, but this program teaches you to see everything your soul is providing and the incredible wisdom within.

The Universe is providing to you. Remember, Receiving = Manifesting!

New Three® University teaches you how to receive manifestation aligned with your soul in Trainings

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