How to Manage Your Energy as an Empath

how to manage your energy as an empath G 2260 2442 580wEmpaths are strong Intuitive Feelers, otherwise known as Clairsentience. You may consider yourself a ‘sensitive’ or be a healer.

A strong empath or feeler will have more of a tendency to take energies on and into them, beyond simply perceiving the energy.

Have you felt like you’re taking on other people’s energy, or had difficulty in groups of people publicly?

We are always affected by our interactions and that which we perceive in the physical world and intuitively. It’s how evolution of consciousness works. But that doesn’t mean you need to take into your energy field other people’s energy. There’s a difference.

Perceive the information without absorbing the information.

To decrease your sensitivity to external energies, or in other words to have a command over your energy field so it doesn’t need to be affected by external energy fields, is to be grounded and centered in your own energy.

When you are ungrounded you may feel: Scattered, High and Low Energy, Racing Mind, Drifting, or Distant.

Whereas, when you are grounded, you will feel: Concentration, Balanced Energy, Calm Mind, Centered and Present.

Getting Grounded, is Accomplishment One of the Five Accomplishments®. The Five Accomplishments® is a process given to us from The Source as the effective way for humanity to recognize and overcome imbalances in the mind to create a clear perspective of love and become one with our soul. We are meant to be here, now, grounded in the physical world.

Being grounded is your point of power. It gives you the power to manage your energy emotionally, mentally and physically.

To be an effective coach or healer is directly related to how energetically grounded you are.

how to manage your energy as an empath hand clasp grounding exercise ds Bm ybkMe0 360x327 brightHere is a simple exercise from Age of the Soul that you can do anytime, anywhere. It is called the Hand Clasp Grounding Exercise.

1. Do a handclasp, crisscrossing your fingers, as if you are praying.
2. Breathe in.
3. As you breathe out, squeeze your hands, and while doing so, imagine your consciousness moving down into your feet, even feel your feet. You want your consciousness to be fully grounded into your feet and beyond.

Repeat this exercise until you feel grounded and present in your body. Use this exercise throughout the day, every day, when you notice that you may be ungrounded.

Feel empowered over your own energy by being grounded, and then take this out into the world. Use this approach now to be unaffected by the energetic struggles of your clients, loved ones, and the suffering they’re going through. You can feel more collected and centered when in groups of people, out where chaotic energy is prevalent.

As a healer, this approach will help you to not take on energies outside of yourself, because that is the last thing you want to do. Right?

If as an Empath, your Intuitive Feeling is overactive, you can balance it with your other three Intuitive Qualities of Seeing, Hearing and Knowing. Using all four of our intuitive abilities equally creates a clearer perspective of life and easier navigation with the people and world around us.

Another way to heal, balance, center and ground your energy is our specific process of communicating with Spirit where you also receive the loving, healing energy of Spirit. Being grounded and letting Spirit heal your aura, strengthens your aura with the pure vibration of Spirit’s love and power to help you.

You can be completely empowered over your own energy. Empaths must explore these tools to feel clear, focused and unaffected by the world around them.

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