How to Invoke Spiritual Healing Miracles

how to invoke spiritual healing miracles SKjZKb0mj5g 580wOf your four intuitive qualities, the most influential for invoking spiritual healing is your Intuitive Knowing, also known as Claircognizance. It will bring you a clearer and stronger spiritual healing, as well as increase the likelihood of God-The Source intervening on your behalf in what is called a Miracle.

Miracles happen when there is an instant, permanent change that can only be granted by the Source and will bend and break universal laws, depending on the miracle that is being granted.

An example of a miracle physical healing is with someone on life support, given a small chance of living because an organ is damaged, and they are instantly helped and changed, being healed of that ailment. This usually amazes doctors who can’t see a logical reason for such a spontaneous healing, but you do hear stories of this or perhaps have experienced this with someone close to you.

I’ve experienced a couple miracles in my life. My physical teacher, Katherine Beck, who I met when she was 82 (she crossed into the Spirit World at 88 in 2008) was a miracle healer.

One time she was in front of a woman in a wheelchair who had a neurological disorder preventing her from standing or walking. Katherine, with 100% confidence called in the power of ‘God’ to heal her and the power came into the room, the woman was instantly healed, got up and walked. This was a miracle because the Source intervened and granted this healing.

A similar instant healing happened at a wellness conference I was speaking at. In the audience was a lovely woman with extreme arthritis, debilitating and painful, not allowing her to stand. Source told me in my mind that she was to receive a miracle healing, right in the middle of my talk. Spirit speaking in my mind is a form of mediumship, and they do that with me in every event and session to help facilitate a great experience. I asked her to invite God into her.

With my intuitive knowing, my confidence was 100% (something that took years to clear and strengthen). Because of my high confidence in the healing manifesting and the woman’s openness to the experience of spiritual healing, the power of Source dropped into her and she was instantly healed. She acknowledged feeling buzzing in her body and that her pain was gone. She stood up and said she had not felt that wonderful in many years. Participants sitting next to her even felt the powerful energy, because the power of Source is miraculous, and one never forgets it.

The greatest step you can personally take to cultivate your role in spiritual healing is to grow your confidence and intuitive knowing, together, and develop a strong, powerful relationship with the Source and spirit.

To maintain clarity of what a spiritual healing is, technically, it is a healing performed by spirit, a word we use to mean higher power. A spiritual healing is not a psychic healing which is performed by us humans, channeling energy through our hands, eyes or body. With a spiritual healing, we are participating and not ‘doing’, we are observing and guiding the experience, but we are not delivering the energy of the experience. With spiritual healing, spirit is bringing the energy into the space and it affects everyone, but specifically the person it is intended for. A spiritual healer does not channel the energy, but more so they ground the consciousness that the Source is bringing energy into the space and healing the individual.

Spiritual healing requires a humble, open relationship with your higher power, that is tangible for you on a day-to-day level. It takes training and time to develop such an ability to participate with the Source in this way, but it is incredibly worthwhile.

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