How Full Psychic Power Changes Your Life

how full psychic power changes your life et BXnpNyzx0 580x387saturatedDoes intuition actually make much of a difference in our lives?

Imagine if you were only capable of having your eyes slightly open and your ears were plugged up without the ability to hear discernable words.

Our physical senses of sight, sound, feeling and mental acuteness do so much for us. Life would be dim without them.

Intuition is dimmed down like the example, but it doesn’t have to be. Your intuitive potential is expansive! Imagine if all of your intuitive senses were just as strong as your physical senses are… what would life be like?

Imagine your Clairvoyance, Intuitive Seeing, is just as strong or stronger than your physical eye sight… What might you see?

• A range of colors beyond the typical physical scope, even seeing energy and frequency.

• Your friend speaks to you about their childhood and you see the whole vision of them as a child and what they were experiencing then as if you were watching a movie of your friend from their past. You see many details that your friend hasn’t mentioned at all because you are perceiving the actual moment in time versus visualizing their story.

• The presence of your spiritual guide next to you, how they appear to you as energy, light, a human, Angel or animal form and any details of their clothing and way they are showing themselves to you.

Imagine your Clairaudience, Intuitive Hearing, is just as strong or stronger than your physical ears hearing sounds… What might you hear?

• The energy of thought and intentions behind people’s words and actions.

• Communicating with your loved one, hearing the words they are not saying yet thinking in their mind, and beyond their words you hear their true meaning and desires that they haven’t been comfortable to express. You are now able to understand them on a new deeper level with love and compassion allowing you to respond to them in such a way that they feel safe to open up to you.

Hearing your spiritual guide speaking to you clearly in your mind in full sentences and giving you detailed answers.

Imagine your Clairsentience, Intuitive Feeling, is just as strong or stronger than your physical feelings and touch… What might you feel?

• Energy in and around your body.

• An awareness of your energy so clear that you can create physical energetic healings for yourself. You may choose to help others in the same way.

Feeling the presence, love and embrace from your spiritual guides for comfort and nurturing. You enjoy the loving healing energy of Spirit throughout your day!

Imagine your Claircognizance, Intuitive Knowing, is just as strong or stronger than your mental acuteness… What might you know?

• Your purpose would be clear to you in every moment. Your decisions support your highest benefit.

• You’d know how to respond and create ease and harmony with each situation.

• Your inner compass would show you the greatest service to humanity at all times.

An open, clear intuition is beyond practical – it’s necessary.

All four intuitive senses are needed to navigate this world effectively. We need it to help our loved ones too.

Don’t rely on going to a ‘professional’ Psychic for your answers. It won’t be as effective as doing it yourself! Your intuition, using all four senses, will always provide you much more than any other person can for you. Why? You’re always with yourself. It’s a total and complete empowerment of getting what you need when you need it.

Listen to your intuition now, even as others are listening to their fears. Ground yourself. Go inside and tune in without the influence of others.

In times of uncertainty and crisis, people go into instinctual protection mode and want to stop doing things that will help them find their way through clearly and confidently.

Challenging times and crisis are when we need to invest energy into our own spiritual development to help us rise above the collective fear and commotion.

Tune out of the noise and tune into your intuition!

New Three® University teaches you how to be a fully capable intuitive, using all four psychic senses to navigate your best life and to help your family in our Psychic Retrieval® Training

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