Hope and Gratitude Attraction – Feeling It Every Moment

hope and gratitude attraction feeling it every moment mg 33663 456 580wCultivating deeper feelings of hope and gratitude brings the greatest joy and freedom in your life.

HOPE is your optimistic outlook that there are more steps to your life, to your development, and that you can attain them. Hope is a humble, confident mindset that things are working out and will continue to work out.

GRATITUDE is an experience of being present in each moment. Fully present with each moment provides a deeper, multidimensional perspective…you simply see more that is happening. You therefore are living more in each moment because you also feel more. Gratitude is an experience of the soul that gives us a feeling that everything happening is meant to be and that everything happening is becoming something new.

Hope and Gratitude are intimately woven together, and when experienced together bring the most fulfilling joyous feelings we can know that are felt on the deepest soul level.

In fact, living in gratitude and hope is living in the universal fact and truth that:

• Everything is happening for a reason.
• Our potential is infinite.
• We may experience our infinite potential in every moment.

This is powerful energy of manifestation.

Choose Gratitude for the choices we have made in the past that have brought us to this point in the moment, these steps forward, these strides we’ve taken for ourselves we must celebrate. Give yourself permission to be grateful for every choice you’ve made, because it was the best choice you could have possibly made in that moment—given the situation and the development you were at.

It’s often hard to measure what to consider have been successful choices in our life. I encourage you to see every choice as successful in that that choice moved you forward to experience something that expanded you and aligned you more with your soul.

Even if you are not feeling that you are aligned more with your loving soul right now than you were in the past, you’ve still taken the steps and are continuing to move into a greater love and soul freedom.

Feel successful! Feel grateful.

By infusing more hope and gratitude into each moment, your life purpose will feel more joyful and fulfilling. Ultimately you will feel the true joy and elation of your soul for the rest of your life!

Making your spiritual healing and soul-based alignment your top priority above everything else, much like people do with a physical workout routine when they are serious about it, will launch you into sustainable success.

Simply committing yourself to structure your spiritual practice will always leave you feeling better afterward. Let’s face it, there will be times you don’t feel like doing your spiritual practice. But like the physical exercise routine or any habit that one commits to, you do it anyways and you feel better afterward.

Be excited for what is next for you this year!

Please consider including our soul-based training sessions into your spiritual practice this month: Five Accomplishments® Spiritual Coaching is founded on hope, that there is a reason for everything and because there is a deeper reason, we can find it, and have a transformational shift with it. This spiritual coaching program will create the structure we all need right now for our spiritual workout routine!

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