Helping Your Family Open Their Hearts to Your Spiritual Path

Helping our family open their hearts to the spiritual decisions we make is something we all care about, because we care about our family, and we want them to benefit from the things that have helped us.

But it’s not always easy. For many of us, it may be shocking and draining to experience the critical responses from our family and friends.

When you find your spiritual path, your eyes are wide-open. It can feel as if you’ve discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and you want everyone to know how to get their pot of gold!

It’s natural to feel joy by sharing the books, events and classes with your family and friends that helped you so much.

Often times loved ones may seem a little supportive at first with comments like “that’s interesting” or “I’m happy for you”, but then comes some criticism, misunderstanding and a feeling of unacceptance. If you’ve experienced any degree of this with loved ones, please know it is very common in today’s world. Given the level of enlightenment that humanity has reached, it’s normal for people lacking a spiritual practice to unconsciously draw from the judgmental collective consciousness energy. But what can you do to help them detach from the judgement and move into understanding? You change the conversation.

If you’ve shared information and teachings with them, but they aren’t intrigued to know more, then there is a different conversation you have with them that will be more impactful to them becoming open to your spiritual path.

Talk about the shifts you’ve been making in your life, how you are growing, and how you are feeling better. Don’t suggest they do anything different. Your family and friends will be happy to hear that you are feeling better and happier. Many loved ones feel that if you’re happy, then that is what matters.

Continuing to share about your own experiences will do something else for them – it will remind their subconscious mind that there is a way through. It will open their heart that they can feel better because you felt difficulty and now feel better.

This is a great way to share about your spiritual path without trying to convince them of anything. Instead, share and celebrate your own helpful shifts. In doing so, you are a role model for everyone you meet. You are an example, showing them that there is a way through any challenge.

In such uncertain times, this is a great gift for them and it will on some level ease their suffering. Over time, your example and stories of personal miracles will change their subconscious mind and they will become different simply by you being the bright light of spiritual awakening that you are!

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