Guiding Your Relationships with Intuitive Decision-Making

guiding your relationships with intuitive decision making y dsc 8ds064 580wRelationships are the heart of our lives in our family and career. Relationships shape our decisions, bringing us in and out of alignment with our destiny. Choices we make all day long truly matter. They keep our family safe and healthy. They bring us joy or struggle. One decision can launch our purpose forward.

Then our question is, how do we nurture love and choose the highest benefit in each moment? Through our intuitive clarity and inner guidance. This answer may sound obvious, but we’re going to dive into your next big step forward with it!

Decisions are guided by our past experiences and beliefs, which emotionally affects the way we see situations. Our past determines our choices about the present. But to always make choices for our highest benefit requires us to use our full intuitive potential.

Intuition is usually subtle. It’s more quiet than our intellectual process.

Which do you feel guides your decisions stronger, intellect or intuition?

Ideally, all of our decisions would be intuitively motivated. Consider the amount of faith required to trust your intuition over the rational intellect. How would your life be different?

Our intuition may be quiet, but we can learn to turn up the volume so it’s loud and clear.

I’m always getting intuitive ‘hits’ for clients to recommend the best things to them. Recently I guided someone into their full intuitive potential with a single Psychic Retrieval® Session. I had a strong vision that they would love to communicate with spirit and how special it would be for them to feel spirit’s love and healing. We did a Voice Channeling® Session, and the confirmation was strong. They felt it was the best next step for them; feeling spirit’s love was exactly what they needed next. I’ve seen it work out so often that I never question my intuition with clients!

Using all four intuitive qualities together to make decisions gives us the whole picture. Using all four means we feel and know the meaning of vision and understand it’s deeper purpose. With this full spectrum interpretation, we can take clear action.

Often times people feel, “I have a vision, but I don’t know what to do with it.” Opening your full intuitive spectrum, fills in the missing questions of who, what, when, why and HOW.

Consider decisions in your life that may come up for you or loved ones such as:

  • How do I heal this physical ailment?
  • What is the best diet and physical health routine for my body?
  • Do I let my teenager go to that party?
  • What is the best school for my child?
  • How do I improve the intimacy and connection with my husband or wife?
  • What is it my child needs from me to improve their behavior and be on path with their purpose?
  • Should I take this job or start a different career path?
  • What is my purpose, and the next step for me to take today?
  • How can I have this conversation with a family member so we feel greater peace, love and harmony together?

Now think about what percentage of your decisions are intuitive and what part is intellectual. Usually it’s a mix of both.

Would your life feel more peaceful if you used intuition for all of your decisions?

Would you like to increase the intuitive strength of your decision-making, and if so how much?

The power of your intuition is here for you now. Let us know if you want to activate your full intuitive spectrum. We’re here to help with guided sessions and different levels of certification training.

New Three® University Intuitive Sessions and Training in Psychic Retrieval®

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