God's Bridge to Heaven on Earth

gods bridge to heaven on earth an SXcZa0ZxR 580x387wbrightYou Are God’s Bridge to Heaven on Earth. You have the power and free will to choose to keep us in the dark ages of consciousness, or to illuminate this world with the truths and the powers that are within each and every person.

Humanity’s eyes have been closed, and our hearts have been overshadowed and desensitized. The full color spectrum of feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing this magical, beautiful, loving existence as a human being – as a soul incarnated – is opening up completely right now!

Heaven on Earth is a journey of ‘realignment’, because you’re literally in soul-based alignment when you’re born and move out of it as you grow up. The greater “Master Plan” for Earth that The Source created for the total existence of souls incarnated includes 7 Steps, and we are on Step 6.

This sixth step that we are on now is where humanity co-creates God’s Bridge from Heaven to Earth. This bridge allows a consistent connection and experience of who you really are as the eternal, loving soul. Heaven on Earth is our destiny now as a civilization.

What part do you imagine you are playing in co-creating Heaven on Earth? What are you contributing to the heavenly bridge? Because even though it may not seem apparent, we are all contributing. Becoming aware of this fact, truly accelerates the impact we have on the world!

We can be vessels for this Divine Bridge in everything that we do, no matter the industry. Imagine how you already are bringing God’s love and spiritual qualities into your life and to others.

You were born into an era where it is all changing and civilization is becoming soul-based, whether individuals are consciously aware of it or not – it is happening! The Five Accomplishments® Spiritual Coaching system gives us the opportunity to peel back—one layer at a time—the disempowering, limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind. This spiritual coaching system is our ticket to fast-tracking the release of generations of ego-based perspectives that have created suffering for hundreds of thousands of years.

Heaven on Earth is a simple understanding, it means mirroring the wonderful loving, soul-based qualities of Spirit and the Spirit World onto the Earth and the human experience. The more of these heavenly qualities that humanity embraces, the more of ‘Heaven’ is brought down to ‘Earth’.

Voice Channeling® Sessions are a portal for people to step through to contact Spirit and God directly. What happens with Voice Channeling® activations, is that the person becomes the portal because they are opened up and Spirit can touch the world through them in every moment of their lives. The more sessions someone does, the more open they are as a portal for Heaven on Earth, and the stronger the impact is felt on the planet through them.

The pursuit of Soul-Based Living is really a pursuit of remembering the loving, true nature of Spirit, by feeling and seeing through the veil to the Spirit World. Aligning with Soul-Based Living is aligning with the vision of looking in the mirror and seeing *Only* your eternal spiritual self, your soul.

Heaven on Earth can only be perceived when our Nonphysical soul senses are completely open. Heaven on Earth is a spiritual experience where we’re able to witness the beauty of the Spirit World in the Physical Universe – Earth. Psychic Retrieval® Sessions are our greatest tool to witness Heaven on Earth, because they allow you to fully see with your nonphysical eyes the spiritual beauty that is already here.

Let us be grateful that we were born into a time where this awakening is happening now, and we can be at the center of it, supporting individuals to be able to see the wonder of Heaven on Earth. To know the mysteries of the Universe that are easily accessible with our four intuitive qualities is the blessing of this Psychic Retrieval® Program and our gift to ourselves and others. Let us celebrate this amazing time to be alive!

New Three® University creates Heaven on Earth through you in Trainings

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