Expand Your Purpose Beyond Blocks

expand your purpose beyond blocks SOllvyhPxjg 580w brightThese two questions are highly thought about by everyone, worded in different ways.

What is my purpose? How do I expand my purpose beyond my blocks?

We want to know our purpose and we want to know how to get there as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This is true for everyone because it’s an innate, built-in yearning so that we can reveal our path, our purpose, and overcome blocks with it. We’re meant to.

Because everyone has a purpose, there is this yearning to know it and fulfill it. Living physically provides challenging experiences that benefit our soul’s evolution, and they can feel like big blocks, but there is always a way around them.

Even when we’re clear on exactly what we’re supposed to do, like Melissa and I are with New Three® University, challenges come up and we have to navigate those challenges and road blocks. Bumps on your path are natural. Everyone experiences them. But not everyone knows how to effectively overcome them.

The path to knowing your purpose clearly, and the path to navigate those blocks, is to begin to know your soul in a way that you never have before.

The ego-based perspectives we have about life (judgement, doubt, blaming, conditional love) move us into the ‘experience’ of separating with our soul.

When we learn to become one with our soul’s loving nature and loving qualities (observing, trust, listening, unconditional love), we immerse into the energy of our soul.

Our soul is all knowing. It has access to all knowledge of the Universe as an infinite, eternal being. Your soul knows:

• Its reason for incarnating into your body during this lifetime.
• Why it’s here and what you need to do to manifest the experiences that your soul wants to witness in this life.

You can know and manifest your life purpose, your true spiritual contribution to this planet, by having the ‘experience’ of oneness with your soul.

There is no block you can’t navigate, because there is no actual block. What we may consider a block, the soul considers it to be an opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen within ourselves.

Learn the nature of your soul and apply your soul’s perspective to your everyday life, and see the magic that reveals itself to you!

New Three® University teaches you soul-based living to reveal, heal and manifest your life purpose in Five Accomplishments® Coaching

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