Ending Reincarnation – Getting It All This Life

ending reincarnation getting it all this lifeSouls are choosing to reincarnate hundreds or thousands of times because of one main human imbalance.

We will identify and solve this imbalance, so you may feel better now and save your soul possibly hundreds of lifetimes. You can actually eliminate the need to reincarnate.

20 years of my life, from age five to twenty-five, was a very ungrounded time for me. I began school and interacting with the world in a larger way, which led me to an imbalance in my energy, causing an ungrounded energetic state of being.

I'm not sure exactly how much of those 20 years will not be included in the life experiences my soul takes back with it, but because I was ungrounded, or not present, there is a portion of those experiences not counted by my soul.

At age twenty-five, I learned about this necessity of being grounded, completely and fully, and I began teaching it to others, so they could have all of their experiences count and be used by their soul.

This one teaching is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others, saving us possibly hundreds of lifetimes to repeat experiences we weren't present for in the first place. Getting Grounded is Accomplishment One of our Five Accomplishments® Coaching Sessions and in-depth Trainings.

If you've noticed yourself saying something like, "I'm not coming back again, this human experience is too much. This is my last time." This one teaching on being grounded will help you more than anything else because your soul counts the experiences you are present for and therefore does not need to repeat them again.

People can spend hundreds of lifetimes attempting to receive an experience they were not present for the first time they experienced it. It's analogous to expecting a high grade at school when you were not present for class. You were not present, so you did not have the experience of the material in class and therefore do not receive credit for it.

Being grounded is a purely energetic experience where your total consciousness, meaning mental, emotional and physical energies are present in-body (where your body is). This happens mostly by accepting your total human experience inside and out.

When one is ungrounded, their consciousness is in some way not present in-body. This is mostly from not accepting their experience of life.

Grounded and ungrounded energy is a huge, unknown area of personal transformation. It is mostly not understood. By mastering this teaching and experience, you will master the reincarnation process.

Here's a few examples of Grounded vs. Ungrounded:

  • Alert vs. Spaced-out
  • Accepting vs. Rejecting
  • Concentrated vs. Scattered
  • Balanced Energy vs. High & Low Energy
  • Centered vs. Drifting

A few pointers to Get Grounded:

Notice the moments you are experiencing ungrounded symptoms and choose to come into your grounded state of being by using your breath. We have several grounding exercises, some that are a few seconds and some longer grounding meditations given in Age of the Soul. Included in this book is a full description on grounding and why our soul wants to be present for this life.

It's important to mention that the soul does not see a better or worse approach to life, because it has as many lifetimes as it wants or needs to accomplish its goals and experiences. But we can see it as more purposeful to be grounded and present for the experiences the soul wants to have. Please remember, there is absolutely no judgment by spirit or your soul on the reincarnation process.

We fully explore how to get grounded, and identify over 30 symptoms of being ungrounded, in our Five Accomplishments Coaching program offered to you as private sessions or a full in-depth training experience.

God-The Source has shared with us that our first priority is to Get Grounded. Let's seize every moment by being fully present and create the best opportunity for our soul!

New Three® University helps you get fully Grounded in Five Accomplishments® Coaching Sessions and in-depth Trainings

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