Dream Interpretation Made Clear with Your Intuition

dream interpretation made clear with your intuition Are dream symbols universal in meaning 580x420pxDo you have any dreams you want to understand more deeply?

When we sleep, we dream. Dreaming is a simple process that happens automatically, and it is our natural way of working through life challenges.

Dreams are your personality’s way of processing and evolving during sleep. Your mind and emotions are integrating and releasing life perspectives.

To understand your dreams, first consider that there is no universal symbolism in your dreams.

The big misconception that every visual symbol means the same thing for everyone is inaccurate. There is a huge body of information in books and online articles that will tell you what running water means or what a ladder means. All of our experiences and the way our minds process information is unique to each of us, therefore, there can be no ‘cookie cutter’ definition that applies to everyone.

Dreaming is how our conscious and subconscious mind purges and processes the happenings of our life. The things we see, hear about, experience, all merge together in this mental movie form.

Even though there is no universal symbolism, our dreams do have meaning and understanding for us.

The meaning of our dreams is revealed through understanding our feelings and thoughts behind the visual symbolism. These meanings are quite individual based on our life experiences.

God-The Source created dreaming so human beings can evaluate and process our evolution through life situations. Dreaming is a powerful way to gauge our health and life balance, and therefore to see how far we’ve cleared our personality and moved from ego-based living to soul-based living.

A few weeks ago a student shared that he had a very perplexing dream that affected him. He brought the question of what the dream meant to his self-guided Psychic Retrieval® Session. As a result, he received great intuitive insight and understanding that he wouldn’t have otherwise. He felt much more relaxed and at peace, once he received the intuitive insight from his session.

Using our intuition to understand our dreams in a Psychic Retrieval session, brings together all four intuitive qualities (seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing – the four ‘clairs’). From this illuminating experience, we have the full picture and understanding.

Intuitive interpretation is your key to understanding your dreams. You can interpret them. Maybe you already have had intuitive insights about your dreams. Share them with us. Your intuition will guide you in ways that your mind cannot. Intuition is our clearest way of perceiving the world.

Intuition is your eyes, ears, feeling and wisdom of your spirit-self, your soul.

Reveal the meaning of your dreams and see how far you’ve come in your own evolution!

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