Divine Purpose – Questions for the Creator

divine purpose questions for the creator se S7OKzkGeC 580x387If you could ask your Creator anything, what would you ask?

If you could receive everything to illuminate your Divine Purpose, how would you feel?

The best way to know the questions to ask Spirit is to use your intuitive fountain of wisdom that is all knowing. Your infinite psychic power, can perceive and tap into where to put your energy.

Thought processes and emotional complexities sometimes elude our clearest intuitive knowing, but don’t let that stop you.

1. Get as quiet as you can within yourself,
2. Receive what you receive as questions to bring to your Creator,
3. Ask and be open to Spirit, and the special ways Spirit is supporting you with your Divine value and purpose.

One might ask, ‘What comes first, my intuitive capability or Spirit communicating with me?’ Both are always happening. You can harness and develop your psychic ability to tap into the energy lines that you are meant to expand an understanding on.

When you use your intuition to form questions about direction in your life and then take these questions to Spirit, to present a far more expansive wisdom and perspective than you would know with your intuition alone, you rise into your most expansive self and have a balanced energy for truly manifesting your Divine Purpose.

How do you ask things of God? Two ways most people ask questions to their Creator is they either:

Ask without really believing an answer will come, or
Vent out their question and throw it away, moving on to the next moment of their life.

It is rare, however, for someone to ask a question of Spirit in a way that is very similar to a student asking an instructor their question in a classroom setting.

• The student will not typically ask the instructor the question, disbelieving that the instructor will actually answer them.
• Nor will they ask the question, and ask another question, and another question, or simply start playing with their phone, ignoring or not even noticing the instructor’s answer.

Think deeply about this. Model the exchange that a student and instructor have in a classroom setting, especially a university setting where an instructor will have office hours where a student gets their one-on-one attention to go into detailed answers about the information they want to know. This is your model. This is your goal when questioning the Creator about your Divine Purpose.

How do you enhance your ability to ask and receive from the Creator? Delve into the depths of your conscious and subconscious thought patterns so that you may discover all of the ego-based, resistant energy that is distracting you and causing you to be a disbelieving victim. This is better revealed in Five Accomplishments® Coaching sessions, however, let’s get your Awareness Exercise started.

We’ll look at 5 Common Ego-Based Qualities that have contributed to your inability to receive when you ask Spirit for help with fulfilling your purpose.

1. Neutralizing energy around the ego-based qualities of: Impatience, Judgment, Negating Intuition, Doubt and Conditional Acceptance will certainly free up your Q&A sessions with the Creator.
2. Find the aspects of your life, in all of your life, where you can align yourself more with the soul-based energies of: Patience, Observing, Honoring Intuition, Trusting and Acceptance.

What do you want to ask your Creator…and are you Open to hearing the answers you’ve been wanting to know?

The Source is here for you right now. Ask!

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