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divine portals spiritual energy we need north k jn blog 580x387Allowing the Universe to work for you, in a more direct and active way, means learning how to work with the energy openings or portals throughout space and time.

Energy portals, simply put, grant you access to the unseen Nonphysical Universe. It is like pulling back the curtain and seeing what’s behind it. When you do this, and are able to do this anytime at will, you become fully spiritually empowered. It’s one thing to get a sense for what’s going on behind the scenes of physical life, but it’s entirely different to see behind the curtain into the Spirit World as clearly as you see this Physical World before you now.

“What can I do with such a perception?” you might ask. Mastering Psychic Retrieval® grants you access to peer through these Universal Energy Portals.

Is it easier to put a jigsaw puzzle together blindfolded, or is it easier to put the puzzle together seeing every piece clearly?

Mastering Psychic Retrieval® takes off your blindfold so you can pull back the curtain and view what is hidden to most people on the planet. This is freeing, empowering, illuminating, joyful, and presents you an understanding about your eternal self in a way you have never seen before. You truly open up to the infinite possibilities of this vast, magical Universe!

It’s true that attracting all the spiritual support you need can feel frustrating at times. It can seem like there is one challenge after another. We may ask ourselves, “Why would these things happen to me if I’m trying, really trying to grow spiritually and pursue a path of soul-based living?”

That big question of “WHY?” lingers in the back of our subconscious mind until it is satisfied or transformed. To specifically address subconscious roots that tell us things like ‘We are off path’ or ‘Something isn’t happening the way it should be happening’, we want to use Five Accomplishments® Coaching Sessions. This spiritual coaching system helps us cultivate deep soul ‘feelings’ that everything is meant to be by surrendering to our higher power (God, Source, Divine). Because when we allow the Divine into us completely, we no longer question the meaning of each moment.

Often times the fundamental belief systems that create doubt and even blocks with feeling supported is that we don’t ‘feel’ Divine support. We want to open Divine portals every day – ideally every moment – so that we can be immersed in the Oneness of the Creator’s spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is of Spirit, it’s of God, and it’s all loving, bringing about the most beautiful feeling of being supported, even in the midst of human chaos present in the world today.

Remember to bring the Divine in. Use your breath, conscious breathing, to breathe in the Divine. Your breath and belief in your worthiness for the Divine to shower love upon you is what increases the ‘feeling’ of spiritual support.

During our waking hours, when our body is experiencing something, our soul is very observant, soaking in the abundant life experiences.

The only time the soul is less present is during deep sleep or sometimes during a medical coma – when the soul will extend into the Nonphysical Universe to connect with other souls and God-The Source. During this time, the soul replenishes energy and brings wisdom and energy into the body it’s existing in. Sometimes during this time, the soul will actually communicate with people, but this is rarer. Even as the soul extends out from the physical body during deep sleep, it still remains connected and aware of everything happening with its body, where at a moment’s notice it will completely come back into the body should there be a need during this deep sleep state.

The soul is pure spiritual energy, a part of God and also created by God. The spiritual energy that you are as a soul operates under the Universal Laws of: ONENESS (meaning truly part of everything) and INDIVIDUALITY (meaning an individual vibration and identity within Creation). This spiritual balance of Individuality and Oneness is the beauty and diversity that we witness in Creation.

Besides charging up spiritual energy during deep sleep, one can receive spiritual energy directly from God-The Source through spiritual practices and Divine connection exercises, like Voice Channeling® Sessions. Sometimes this transfer of Divine spiritual energy invokes miracles in a human being, which can be shocking and wonderful for all who witness.

Imagine spiritual energy as your eternal, sustainable life force that gives you your infinite existence and timelessness. It is who you truly are. It is your soul.

New Three® University connects you to the spiritual energy you need through Trainings

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