Destiny of Your Soul

destiny of your soul G 3287 1787 580wManifesting a purposeful life is more important than manifesting a long life.

Refocusing our underlying motivation is how we can better create our soul's destiny!

Consider pivoting from, "May you have a long and happy life," to "May you live a purposeful and soul-based life."

Our soul's viewpoint is not to extend future moments, but to be present for this moment, here, now.

Our soul sees the length of a life not as better or worse, but instead asks the questions at the completion of its life, "What opportunities did I seize? Did I choose to love and accept, when it was most difficult? Did I contribute what I intended to share with the Earth?"

The soul does not consider how its body could have looked younger or stayed healthier, unless of course it was related to one of its other objectives. Taking care of oneself is certainly a form of self-love. It is important, but...

Mainstream culture is fixated on living long and looking young. Health and longevity is an incredible goal, but not at the expense of your soul's life experiences, the very destiny it envisioned before this life.

Soul-based living embraces the qualities of our soul, such as patience, detachment and the pursuit of understanding, which allows for an expansive experience of accepting one's life circumstances each moment. Whether those life circumstances seem like a step backward or a step forward, embracing and accepting them anchors you into the present moment.

God-The Source has taught me through the experience of the Five Accomplishments®, how to identify and cultivate passion for my soul's goals in this life. To be able to look at the resistance of my human self and use the alignment with my soul to step through it. Most importantly, not to ever sacrifice being connected to myself in the present moment. Being grounded and present in this moment is our highest and first priority.

Three things you can do right now to help manifest your soul's destiny:

  1. See yourself as the eternal soul with a true destiny, and imagine how your patient, loving soul would approach each moment. Learn soul-based living.
  2. Identify the human parts of you that are resisting this soul-based approach. These resistant parts are ego-based perspectives.
  3. Most of all, embrace, love and accept this moment, so you have the power to choose what to do in the next moment.

I am reminded by God as I am writing this that we take no physical things from this life with us, when we leave this body and life. We simply take the experiences with us, by being present for as many moments as we possibly can.

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