Deeper Love – Intuitive Hits On What You Need

deeper love intuitive hits on what you need MG 7738v3 580x387pxWhere does INTUITION and LOVE meet?

A simplified but advanced understanding is that love means acceptance, and acceptance means to have a neutral, nonjudgmental, detached – but grounded – feeling and thought process.

Love = Acceptance = Neutral, Nonjudgmental, Detached.

Clear love may be rare at times, but is the most harmonious life-sustaining approach to everything. LOVE…

• Allows you to be in your true, most expansive soul-based existence;
• Is as if you have removed all filters and resistance from your experience of how you see, feel, hear and know your life and the world;
• Does not activate your intuitive potential as much as it simply allows your greatest intuitive potential to be, thrive and exist;

As a result, you openly and deeply feel love and witness—with clear intuition—the vast, multi-dimensional beauty and wisdom of your life and purpose.

Therefore, clear love provides to you clear intuitive hits and vice versa.

This is one reason why taking one of our programs that enhances your intuition, for instance, also helps you feel clear love and deeper relationship with Spirit. Or the journey of soul-based living through our spiritual coaching program also gives you clearer intuition and Spirit channeling abilities. Truly, spiritual growth in one area of your life will enhance the other areas of your life.

We can completely dissolve emotional and mental resistance to receive spiritual insight, in the same way as we receive sights and sounds with our physical eyes and ears. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants a little more insight and clarity…it’s human nature to want more.

The great awareness here is that insights we ‘need’ and insights we ‘want’ can often times be different. You might say, “But I know what I need and want.” Let’s entertain the understanding that a want is similar to a desire and we typically feel them every moment we’re alive. Let’s define a need as a need from a higher spiritual benefit, so that when we say we need something, we are conscious and intuitive of a higher spiritual need in the moment.

If we decide to differentiate ‘need’ and ‘want’ as a higher spiritual soul benefit compared to simply what we think and feel we want in each moment, then we can begin to understand more about our eternal, soul’s vision. If our human self chooses our soul’s greater vision for our life, then we have eliminated so much of the conflict that people typically feel in life.

The struggle and pulling between what we mentally and emotionally want based on physical circumstances (something which is easier to identify and feel in control of) versus what we spiritually need based on our soul’s vision that was created before we were even born (something less tangible and often requires faith to feel in control of) is where people often feel something is off or doesn’t work out for them.

Identifying the difference and having the intention to align our physical self with our spiritual self will not only bring us much deeper love, but it gives us the spiritual insights to align with our eternal, soul self. Considering and trying this will bring you clearer intuitive hits on what you need, not just for this lifetime and its success, but the success and completion of your total soul journey that includes all lifetimes you’ve lived and will live.

What better way to approach our life than to make choices that truly benefit our greatest, most expansive existence as a soul…what could be more loving than this?

We build a map to deeper love in our Five Accomplishments® Coaching system. Take off the blindfold and see your journey to love. Make the most of your time and energy that you invest. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach to cultivating more love within ourselves.

I personally thrive on looking at the biggest opportunities I have to move forward, the resistance and blocks, so that I can take huge steps and move massive energy each day of my life.

1. What is your next opportunity for feeling and experiencing deeper love with others?
2. Allow Spirit to break through. Release and allow walls to dissolve. Especially the ones you are not even aware of.
3. Now, what do you imagine to be your next purposeful step into love?

I’ve been grateful for my current opportunity with my Mother (as sad as it has been) to better know the death process: the transition as one’s physical body, known as the soul’s vessel, comes to the end of its purpose of allowing the soul to experience this wonderful thing we call life. Preparation for the body to stop functioning is unique to every person, even those who share the same type of degenerative disease. This preparation for the soul to leave the body and move on to its next experience, within its eternal existence, is revered by all of Spirit.

Spirit has shared very clearly with me that when a baby is born, it is simply a birth into the Physical Universe and when the body dies, it is a birth back into the Nonphysical Universe. Both are celebrated and valued equally by Spirit. Spirit shared that while sadness and loss are natural emotions when a loved one passes, there is equally a natural celebration for that soul.

What do you imagine is your opportunity, this moment, to bring you into deeper love and understanding of your soul self? Please share it with us!

New Three® University teaches you how to live from your loving soul in Trainings

Photo: Jason and Melissa Nelson by Valerie Tabor-Smith, 2014.

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