Deep Soul Love from Radical Self-Awareness

deep soul love from radical self awareness wn BQiFxyfgR 580wWhat is the energy of your soul?

Your soul is pure, expansive, incredible love. It feels like absolute freedom and connection to everything.

The relationship with my soul is the most beautiful love I’ve ever known.

How do you align with the energy of your soul?

Awareness is our most powerful tool. Releasing mental and emotional energy that is not supporting us to live in love is how we know our soul.

Subconscious beliefs that produce behaviors and patterns are often the root of the things we find most challenging to change.

For decades we've taken on thought patterns in contradiction to our soul. So let’s be patient with ourselves to cultivate awareness of what they are! Give yourself the gift of relaxing into radical self-awareness.

Here are a few ways to align with the deep love of your soul:

#1 Eliminate judgements about your transformation in the first place! It is a big step to create awareness of your thought patterns and emotional triggers. Celebrate your desire to know yourself better each day! Your soul celebrates your journey into deeper self-awareness.

#2 What recurring patterns have drained your energy, even just a little? One of my patterns of anxiety that I uncovered and transformed was created from a decade in the school system with judgmental teachers and peers.

I became aware of where my fears came from with radical self-awareness and doing so began to transform imbalances in my body, mind and emotions. I realized many of my fears had manifested into multiple health challenges from my childhood and continued into my early 20’s. By identifying and shifting these fears, my health challenges disappeared!

The Divine guided me not to judge the process. I was guided to dive in, find, transform and release the fears.

We feel more and more successful as we let go of judgment, comparison to others, and our own perfect ideals. And the truth is…

From your Soul’s eyes, you are successful!

From the Divine’s eyes, you are successful!

Let us feel safe with CHANGING, and feel safe with everyone else changing as well. We don’t want to limit ourselves or others with an expectation that we or they should stay the same.

Try this Mantra:

I give myself permission to change. Like an innocent child that has awe and wonder for the world, I look forward to what the next moment brings!

This mantra will help you to be more and more aligned with the incredible, loving energy vibration of your soul!

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