Conscious Leadership: Guiding Your Family into Soul-Based Living

conscious leadership guiding your family into soul based living an 16 557 580w brightYour family is your greatest opportunity to be a leader. And when you have the respect of being a leader in your family, you can be a leader anywhere – in the office, with friends, in your community, and even globally.

Parents and teachers have the most profound role in leading children by exemplifying soul-based living. Simply put, this is living your life through the perspective of love.

Soul-based living is teaching children that instead of judging and reacting, we are choosing to observe and learn. Soul-based living is choosing to love and accept, no matter what, unconditionally. Because after all, real love is without conditions.

As a young child, I experienced feeling judged by my family with their own belief systems about what a “good girl” and “bad girl” is. Later as a teenager, I felt unaccepted and was often considered to be the “black sheep” of my family. My parents didn’t know what to do with me because I was different. For me, one of the saddest things was not being understood by my parents, and therefore feeling unaccepted and unloved. Many children and adults have had a similar experience and are still struggling with the feeling of not having a place in this world. Understanding is a soul-based quality.

In society today, we begin to experience soul-based living by being aware of ourselves. When we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, we have the power to choose differently. When thinking and taking action from the ego-based perspective, or conditional love, it helps us to become aware of the discomfort we feel and then choose different thoughts and actions.

By teaching children the soul-based perspective, they will align with unconditional love and their behavior will change!!

This is a huge leap forward in our way of life. Let’s celebrate leading our children and loved ones into releasing the unconscious, reactionary, judgmental behavior that has caused so much pain and misunderstanding. These new loving patterns of consciousness bring the most beautiful freedom to manifest the type of family and life we truly desire.

We create an easier future for the generations to come, by creating new conversations in our household today.

  • How would my loving soul see this situation?
  • How would my loving soul see this person?
  • What would my loving soul choose to do?

The individual path of learning this process in our family, empowers each family member to find their own path into greater love and soul-based living. The family unifies and peace is felt.

Soul-Based Leadership is a conscious approach to life. Empower Our Children describes soul-based living and how to bring this experience into your family, classroom and community.

Together we are creating a loving, soul-based world!

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Monday, 16 September 2019

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