Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones – Visions of My Sister

connecting with deceased loved ones visions of my sister 6 2966 2 78 580wEach of us loses an immediate family member. The grieving process is natural and important, but at the same time we have an incredible opportunity to have a new and more expansive relationship with them as spirit, their nonphysical soul. Not only can we feel our deceased loved ones, but see them and even have a two-way conversation with them. We are never alone. Spirit is always with us.

Unexpectedly on June 12, 2017 my twenty-eight-year-old sister Jenna died. Her death and the circumstances around it were shocking and traumatic for our family, along with all the people that Jenna touched during her physical life.

Losing a person at such a young age is challenging because we know they had more of their life to live. She was planning her wedding and honeymoon the week she passed. I wish I had more time with her.

The third day after her passing, I was lying in bed anticipating flying from California to Maryland to be a part of the services. My own thoughts changed to advice about feeling patient and calm as I make my way through the airport, and to take my time being present. As this was happening, my intuitive knowing recognized it was Jenna speaking in my mind.

A vision of Jenna came to me the next day. She had the biggest, brightest smile and I could hear her voice in my mind saying, "I am great." She was showing me the absolute joy and peace she had as spirit. I received a glimpse of what it felt like and her big smile became contagious. I began smiling too.

connecting with deceased loved ones visions of my sisterFather's Day was her viewing and service. Before the public arrived, I was able to have a private viewing of her. I asked intuitively if Jenna's soul was with me and my intuition showed that she was with her mother, who needed her more at the time.

A little while later I kneeled by the casket to speak with her spirit. I felt her come into the space with me. She reassured me she had total peace and loves us. Then, she said her mom was arriving to the service, and a minute later she walked in.

Thereafter, Jenna would pop in my mind and provide me with guidance. She told me she would help me through challenges I had been experiencing. I feel grateful and cherish this new relationship we have. (Pictured left to right: Melissa Lilly and Jenna Lilly)

Everyone can continue their relationship with their deceased loved ones. Some loved ones who pass will become spiritual guides and some will simply be there to call on from time to time.

Consider two things:

  1. Be open and allow yourself to experience your deceased loved ones as the loving spirit they are now, and...
  2. Believe they want to continue being a part of your life and that they do want to communicate with you.

You may experience thoughts in your mind that seem like it's your loved one advising you, a vision of them, or a voice in your mind that you hear. It could be a simple knowing that they are with you, or a subtle feeling they are near.

Have you sensed something after your loved one passed?

Please believe it when you sense it. Share about this blessing with others so they may be inspired to continue a relationship with their deceased loved ones.

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