Channeling Spirit's Love for Healing

channeling spirits love for healing et HX6VZ1MxC 580wcroppedbrightSurrendering to our Higher Power opens the floodgates of Spirit’s love to channel into us and through us for miracles to happen. What does it mean to completely surrender to the Divine?

Most importantly, it requires the intention and a confident belief in it happening.

Let’s explore some details of how we can surrender more to our Higher Power and Channel Spiritual Divine Love.

The fast track to dissolving resistance between you and your Higher Power is to become aware of the thought patterns that are posing questions of disbelief or doubt.

Anything within your subconscious mind that contributes to concerns, fears or doubts about feeling safe, one with and intimately connected to your Creator is what we want to shine a light on.

Because interestingly enough, the resistance or walls that we have between us and Spirit are the same walls that you will see between yourself and the world around you physically.

If we feel unsafe and scared in one part of our life, that fear will translate into other parts of our existence.

Common resistance includes:

• If I surrender to God, will I lose control of my life?
• Because of the things I’ve done in my life and who I am, do I deserve Spirit’s complete love and healing?
• Is it even possible…the Divine wasn’t there for me in my life, so why would the Divine want to be here for me now?

These questions may have been on your mind from time to time or you may have your own set of resistant questions.

1. Reveal them,
2. Understand them,
3. And if you want to channel the full healing power of Spirit, then you will Transform them to empowering, supportive, encouraging, confident statements about your loving relationship with the Divine.

Just transforming one resistant concern about your relationship with Spirit can ascend you into a new, fresh empowering relationship with your Higher Power!

Your Spirit Guides and the Divine Source are with you—here now—with the power of love to help you to transform your life and manifest your purpose.

Your greatest human and spiritual potential are realized when you fully open up to Spirit’s love channeling through you, feeling the healing energy move through you in this moment and every day.

Where do you start…How do you begin to call upon Spirit’s energy?

You’re actively pursuing your spiritual growth, so you already have begun! To accelerate your unification with Spirit, do not just think it and know it, but feel it is your important next step.

My mother is in the end stages of her debilitating progressive disease, where hospital stays are becoming increasingly frequent. Intuitively tuning in to her soul’s desires to continue to live or pass on, helps me identify and support her highest benefit. She cannot physically speak.

As she was in transit to the hospital yesterday, Melissa and I were calling in Source to heal her infection and remove the CO2 build-up in her body. We each felt tremendous healing energy channeling through our body and directing it to hers, even while being in a different location from her. The love of Spirit was being channeled to support her to continue living. We have all been looking forward to spending some remaining Holiday time together.

Channeling Spirit’s love for healing can be greatly amplified by being more connected to the experience of the love and healing that you’re channeling. This is where your psychic powers of perception are so important. Mostly, the more clear and tangible something is, the more believable it is and the more believable something is, the greater impact it can have on manifesting.

1. Confidence is the anchor for grounding manifestation.
2. Open up and allow your four ‘Clairs’ of intuitive seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing to open up to the reality of Spirit’s healing love with you now and especially in the moments of focusing and channeling that healing energy.
3. Part the veil between the Physical and Nonphysical Universes and see Spirit, feel the healing energies, know the connection you have with Spirit and the power of that love to create miracles.

Bring your psychic perception of these things into more clarity each day you live.

Your psychic power can greatly help you to ground, integrate and manifest the loving, healing energies of Spirit. Trust in your natural soul abilities to channel this love into yourself and others. This is your connection to the Universe. Everything is for you.

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