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channeled message spiritual realm direct access granted t SuUs6oPejg 580brightcropAfter twenty minutes of Spirit Voice Channeling® through me about feeling the unconditional love of Source, the energy of perseverance and overcoming anything, and how to allow God to work through you (all available in the previous blogs), I asked Spirit if there is anything else they wanted me to share with you.

A stronger energy came in. It was the energy of God-Source, and this is what was said:

“To know themselves. To know themselves is to know their spirit. Their spirit being their soul's nature and the guides that are with them. Because one cannot truly know themselves by their humanity alone. The total picture of your beingness goes beyond your life stories, human desires, and what you like and dislike.

Your soul self goes far beyond your personality alone. A wisdom beyond the physical happens as one develops themselves into alignment with their soul. A new unified, spiritual version of your personality emerges, where your perspective embodies a grounded, present, love-based acceptance for every moment of life and every aspect of Creation. Spiritual Clarity and Vision come to you faster and easier...

This is the goal for humanity, to know and live as your beautiful soul.

Aligning one’s life with the soul’s creative plan happens by directly unifying with your soul and Spirit. Voice Channeling® will accelerate you into this alignment process. We (Spirit) designed this modality for you to speak directly with us, feel your soul's love, to open up where you need to go and know what is best to do.

With the current state of affairs on the planet, people need to receive from the spiritual realm by parting the curtain to the Nonphysical allowing Spirit to speak through them to illuminate the truths of their life. This energy transformation is meant to be received directly by each person and not relying on others to transmit energy for them from the Spirit World.

This is not guessing. This is going to Spirit for your direct advice and feedback. We (Spirit) break it down in steps. We will tell you one thing at a time or share the bit of the picture that serves you most. We bring what you need most every time you speak with us. This is the beauty and the magic of this experience. The impact on your life is so great that you will never be the same.

And every day you come to meet us in this way, directly, your impact on the world will be so significant that your soul will truly celebrate the way you have uplifted the world.

You can only do that by putting your personality’s doubts to the side to show up for yourself and your special reason for being here, which you have.

Every person incarnated today has a special purpose. Please listen to me when I tell you, you are incredible and unique, your purpose is paramount to the outcome of health and healing on this planet.

No matter what you’ve experienced or are experiencing in your life right now that is challenging, you are important.

You Are Everything.

Know that your way to learn more about your most expansive self is by communing and communicating with us (Spirit). This opens you up to oneness and partnership with God Almighty to come in and guide and heal you directly.

When you directly contact Spirit, under the Law of Oneness, all spiritual energy is intimately connected. The familiar pulse of love and life within all Spirit including your own soul, is an immeasurable feeling. A feeling only captured when one goes beyond the human personality to touch God.

Meditations to meet Spirit, and Mediums you’ve relied on to tell you about Spirit, was just warming you up for your own direct communication with Spirit. You are ready.

Your soul is calling you to allow your personality to learn something new about your true purpose, your true self and we (Spirit) have you covered.

Surrounded by loving Divine Guides who are supporting you, coming to you and encouraging you. There won’t be a better moment than now to allow yourself to be spiritually taken care of.

God calls you to the divine table…and Yes, YOU ARE WORTHY.

Allow the Source to expand you, touching your life more profoundly than you’ve known. This is the support and knowledge you’ve been looking for.”

I've been having wonderful conversations with people about having this experience for themselves and what it means for them to have this feeling of the spiritual pulse within them.

Please include a Note when you schedule that this conversation is about Voice Channeling. Speak with Melissa about Voice Channeling®, Click Here to Schedule

After experiencing Voice Channeling® for the first time, one of our students recently shared two days after: “I’m still pretty blown away. Really life changing. It really hammers home the reality of everything. Not something I would have come up with…Whoa, this is really working!”

Let’s get you connected to the universal, spiritual pulse of love and oneness that is within and surrounding you right now!

New Three® University teaches you how to be a Divine Channel and Access The Spiritual Realm Directly in Trainings

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