Channeled Message – Rise Into Your Soul’s Brighter Vision

channeled message rise into your souls brighter vision ise GyPfMtH 580brightcropI recently shared in an interview that my path always includes, ‘Walking Through the Fire’. What this means is to become the person I most want to be and fulfill my purpose to uplift the world, I must continually GROW into the next Evolution of Myself.

If you are also interested in your personal evolution, to create a more fulfilling life, or give greater benefit to your family or career path, then you’ll especially love this encouraging message today.

We’ve all ‘been through it’ and are ‘going through it’ and it’s helpful to hear what Spirit has to say about us humans having our Earth experience.

Here is Spirit’s message for all of us, speaking through me:

"Perseverance is built into life. Where you persevere, you overcome, and it is natural to believe that within you is everything you need to overcome any life challenge. It is natural to deal with and overcome struggle.

Challenges do not mean you are off your spiritual path. The mindset of spiritual evolution is persevering through challenge, not escaping it.

Allow God The Source (Spirit) to speak to you, your Higher Power, allow it to speak through you.

Allow God to impress upon you your true nature:

• your ability to love when it’s hard,
• your ability to carry on when you don’t see the way,
• your ability to trust yourself by listening to your God within to show you what you’re made of,
• to know you are more than you know and the ability to open yourself to see what you don’t yet know,
• to learn what you’ve yet to discover,
• to alter your viewpoint always to what serves your highest benefit of growth, opportunity.

Life is learning. Life is persuading your mind to see a brighter vision. Some may call it a ‘positive spin’ or others may say, ‘the opportunity being seen within the challenge’.

Take the viewpoint that you resonate with. Expand it as you might imagine your Higher Self sees your opportunities, how you rise to the day, to the challenge and overcome it.

You Rise.

Allow yourself to rise. Allow yourself in every situation to rise to the occasion. Meaning, something is in front of you, it’s in front of you for a reason. No matter if it is unexpected or not, rise to the occasion.

Everything is for you. Everything.”

– Spirit Voice Channeling® through Melissa Lilly Nelson January 20th, 2020.

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