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channel a book share your souls voice nd rm4F0CbgC 580wAnchoring your soul’s voice physically actually helps it manifest more clearly.

Channeling a book from your soul, or even directly from your higher power, is of the most fulfilling experiences and infinitely important, because it solidifies a real, true compass of energetic direction and wisdom that is beyond what our individual self may have knowledge of…and it’s not just for a select few, it’s an ability you have too.

I use channeled writing to bring through my books, currently published and available including Age of the Soul and Empower Our Children. The experience is incredible, invigorating and tremendously healing.

When I was called to channel my first book, it did not make sense to me. I got D’s in English class, because it was my least favorite subject. I had no idea what I would write.

I said, “Really God, me?” Source told me, “Just write.” So I did, initially channeling my first book in two weeks.

I had fears, as anyone does in the beginning. I thought, “What if it’s not clear and correct?” “What if people don’t like it?” But Source said, “Just trust and the words will come.” …and the words came abundantly! Then, after taking several months to correct spelling, grammar and format it into a beautiful physical book, it was done.

Channeling a book is more than a possibility. It is a potential within everyone!

In my private session work I’ve had the privilege of guiding clients through the process of writing, from the very beginning to bestseller status, and most of them being first-time authors.

Books reach out to future generations as manuals for knowledge and wisdom, for documenting life’s inspiration and new possibilities. The ability for a soul to leave a physical legacy like a book is a gift to the world.

How is your soul contributing through you right now and what would your soul like to contribute in this life?

You don’t have to know the answer yourself. This contribution can be clarified and established through the process of channeled writing, where your soul and spiritual guidance can directly share its essence into written words on the page. Your soul’s legacy of this lifetime can be ignited by channeling a book.

Channeling a book can seem intimidating, but it’s actually something everyone can do.

The satisfaction of birthing a compilation of energetic feelings and vision into words is indescribable for most people who’ve gone through this process. Channeling a book provides grounded, clear direction to accelerate forward in life. It can provide key next pieces of what you need to manifest your life purpose.

For teachers, books provide teachings, and for speakers, authentic content to speak about. Often books are a way for us to tap into our own soul lessons. This is true for me with my first two books. Where even today I’m learning from them, over a decade after first writing them. My books are what I teach to the public now, and our training techniques directly reference them.

Do you feel interested, when you think about channeling your own book? Contact me if this resonates and we can take the next step together to channel your own book.

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