Being in Flow – How to Stay on Purpose

being in flow how to stay on purpose G 3180 1772 580wYour soul created a life destiny consisting of major experiences and lessons it wanted to receive. You could also call it your purpose, because aligning with your soul’s destiny is certainly purposeful. But what does this mean and how do you stay on track?

When you are discovering the flow of your soul’s purpose, it helps to know what the flow feels like and looks like for you. Having an indicator or compass for when you are in FLOW will help you to stay on track.

• For some people, actually a lot of spiritual people, flow means comfortable, easy, non-challenging feelings and living by inspiration in the moment.
• For others, flow means productivity, efficiency, achievement of goals and a feeling of breaking through walls and resistance.

Which is it then, Comfort and Ease or Productivity and Achievement?

Most of us lean towards one of these directions. A balance of both approaches is the most beneficial flow and a great goal to work towards.

Melissa and I are married and we work together on the same purpose, but how we come into more balance with our flow is a little bit different. Melissa leans one way and I the other.

My flow happens more when I step back, quiet myself, and move into a more comfortable, calm place to feel inspiration for my next step forward. And for Melissa, flow can mean that the more productive she is with accomplishing tasks, the better she feels and as a result, she feels more passion for her life.

What’s helpful to know is that both ways of feeling flow are valid and either way, we can experience flow from the ego-based or soul-based perspective. That is what you want to focus on more than anything. So the question to ask is, “Is my flow soul-based?”

Examples of Ego-Based Flow:

Separating from what is uncomfortable – physically or mentally and emotionally.
Judging that if something is uncomfortable, it must not be right for you.
Impatience with yourself and others for taking more time to accomplish things.
Attached to outcomes and wanting more to be achieved than what happened.

Examples of Soul-Based Flow:

Observe, unify and understand what is uncomfortable within yourself.
Feel freedom to trust and know your next best step to take.

To create balance, play with these two exercises below to create more soul-based flow with Spirit and your Intuition!

Creating Soul-Based Flow with Spirit:
There’s a tremendous amount of energy and resources available to us and one of our greatest is spiritual guides who are with us every moment. They support us to be in a greater soul-based flow with our life destiny. That’s their job! Here’s how Spirit can help you move into more soul-based flow and stay on purpose:

Ask Spirit to come in and:

1. Support you in mental and emotional balance with your energy,
2. Direct you to the root of your discomforts and the path to shift them, and
3. Lastly, ask what Spirit would have you do to move forward. Get their advice.

I’ve created such a strong partnership with Spirit from consistent Voice Channeling® that I continually call on them for energetic healing and informational guidance. You can do this too!

Creating Soul-Based Flow with Intuition:
Psychic insight helps us to navigate what a balanced life looks like.

1. Clear your mind. Use your favorite meditation to let go of feelings of urgency and your task list,
2. Ask your intuition to guide you to what is most important today and be open to anything revealing itself, including things you were not thinking of,
3. Breathe and allow yourself to perceive the vision, feeling, understanding and knowing of the steps to take for the greatest benefit and harmony.

Intuition guides us into magical surprises. Ongoing intuitive strengthening through Psychic Retrieval® grants us access to moment-to-moment guidance that just gets easier and clearer over time!

Remember, the goal of our soul is for us to both achieve goals and to also feel a graceful approach when breaking through resistance to receive valuable life lessons.

Which FLOW do you lean more toward – comfort and ease or productivity and achievement? Would you like to call on Spirit or your Intuition to help guide you into balance? Comment below and let us know.

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