Angels, Guardian Angels, Gatekeepers – Get to Know Your Primary and Secondary Spirit Guides

angels guardianangels gatekeepers SoFGr2YLDl 580wLong ago when souls first incarnated into the human on Earth, there needed to be beings that would oversee their entire life from birth until death. These beings are called Primary Guides, because they are the first and last being to have a direct influence over your lifetime.

Primary guides have been called by many names: Angels, Guardian Angels, Gatekeepers, God. You may call this influence on your life any name you are comfortable with.

You only have one primary guide and their main responsibility is to execute your soul's plan that it created before you incarnated. To achieve your soul's goals requires bringing in secondary guides on a daily basis.

The difference between a primary guide and a secondary guide isn't based on their evolution, experiences or even expertise. Simply, the primary guide has chosen to be with one human for their entire life, and a secondary guide has chosen to influence them for a duration of time that is directly dependent upon the benefit to and fulfillment of the human's needs.

Secondary guides could be helping a human with health, career, relationships, or any day-to-day need, and their help could be useful for moments, minutes or years.

Every human has more than one secondary guide at any given time. And they have also been called by various names.

You don't choose the being that guides you; it is the being that chooses you. So, when you call out and expect some name of some being to come, the being that actually comes is the one who can help you the most.

Often times when you think you need a particular name, and call on that being to help you, the actual being who comes to help can be different. This mistaken identity would happen because of one's limited acceptance of the greater spiritual realm and assistance available.

If a guide comes to help us, it is because they are the best being to help. It is extremely valuable to trust this process so you can feel confident that your highest benefit is always being received from your guides.

Therefore, when you put a call out for information or healing or assistance of any kind, be open to the being that may answer your call and help you in the most effective, purposeful manner.

Get to know the names and identities of the beings that help you and how they feel, so you can cultivate friendships with them just as you have friendships with other human beings.

You are meant to have friendships with nonphysical beings.

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