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akashic record reading family relationships G 1331 1137 580wAkashic Record information about every lifetime someone has lived is a fascinating psychic resource to understand you and your loved ones much better. Also known as Universal Records or Hall of Records, this perfect energetic memory of existence can be tapped into during a psychic reading.

Imagine this information as reading a book that specifies not just events that happened during a lifetime, but the full sensory experience of you and everyone involved in every experience that you had during that lifetime.

It is easily accessible with the right, effective intuitive technique allowing you to literally step into the full sensory experience of a past life you’ve lived. You can intuitively:

see through the eyes of your body during that lifetime,
feel it’s sensations and
• be in touch with the wisdom accumulated.

When you use the Akashic Records to re-experience a situation from a past life, you can intend to:

step into the past life experience of any person involved,
• to see through their eyes and feel what they felt about you and
• the circumstances during that time.

Presently, you can also access the information of why your soul and those around you, chose to incarnate together and be in each other’s lives. Remember, your soul did choose your family, even if your personality finds those choices questionable!

Intentions for reading information about family relationships can include:

Benefits my soul sees in having the parents and siblings that I have.
• What can I learn next from (insert person’s name)?
• What does (insert person’s name) soul want me to know most about our relationship?
• The pathway to greater love and harmony with my family.

Family relationships is but one of many topics we can perceive with our effective full sensory Psychic Retrieval® technique.

Our spiritual guides are also a safe, validating source of what is best for us and our loved ones. Spirit guides have a job and while the tasks look different from person to person and guide to guide, every spirit guide’s job is the same.

Spirit’s job is to:

• Guide you into fulfilling your soul’s greatest vision this lifetime.
• Follow universal laws.
• Support you from a completely loving, nonjudgmental place.

The reason they are such a great resource for our highest benefit is because they’re not going to do anything against our highest benefit. So, when our highest benefit is not crystal clear to us, meaning we may have human wants and desires that pull us in one direction but we have another perspective pulling us in a different direction, we can always go to our spirit guides and ask them directly for the best actions to take in the moment. Spirit guides may very well surprise you especially when it comes to your relationships with family!

Melissa and I can live just about anywhere in the world – so long as we have a strong internet connection, because we work with people around the world through computer audio and video. Our favorite places to live so far have been Sedona and Kauai. This flexibility also allowed us to come back to the suburbs of Los Angeles in 2016 to live within 30 minutes of my mother who had been struggling with a terminal medical condition.

But to our incredible surprise, Spirit was strongly recommending for us to live in Big Bear Lake, California which is at least a 3-hour car ride each way to my mother’s. We asked, “How could this be the highest benefit, Spirit?” They explained it and we followed, and we’re glad we did. Living in Big Bear Lake provided us unimaginable energetic openings, both personally and professionally, and I was still able to take care of my mother’s needs!

It’s incredible how Spirit’s guidance can at times make little to no sense, contradicting what our personality wants or believes is the highest benefit. Yet when we follow, we later see how everything worked out beautifully and the purpose behind it. Trust and faith, my friends. We are all asked to trust more and have more faith.

The only reason I can channel this clearly and have Spirit speak through my voice in a way that sometimes contradicts the logic or desires of my personality is through our effective approach that I’ve taught people to do for a decade. It has worked so well for people, because it opens each person up to their highest potential for the most accurate information directly from Spirit. The potential allows Spirit to bring you the most wonderful surprises beyond your mind. It’s not a ‘sit and see what happens’ experience, it’s a step-by-step technique Spirit channeled through me for you to get direct, non-interpreting communication with Spirit. Spirit named the technique we’re teaching in one-on-one Skype training sessions, Voice Channeling®.

Understanding ourselves is our path to healing and transforming anything in our life, because you have the power to change it once it’s revealed and understood.

Family relationships are one of our greatest opportunities to know ourselves better, because family relationships will typically have the beautiful effect of bringing out our most soul-based self and our most ego-based self. Family relationships are like a test as to just how far we’ve come in our spiritual growth. If we can be open to one of the greatest purposes of our close family relationships being to show us where we are loving and where we can be more loving, something incredible will happen.

Even as family members may react from their ego, you will choose to be relaxed, observant and different than they would expect you to be. And as a result of approaching a triggered family member from your loving soul, they will change and transform because your dynamic with them has changed and transformed.

Love doesn’t necessarily mean giving a family member what they want or think they need. When we are fully aligned with our soul, we are intuitively in touch with the highest benefit in the moment. This means taking action from the most detached, loving place. But consider the action may appear to be contradictory to what one thinks a loving action is.

As a compass for your soul-based pursuits, please reference the soul-based and ego-based perspectives and their qualities listed out in Empower Our Children, page 63 and 64. This list is your guide to transforming your family relationships by simply changing your perspective. I’ve seen family dynamics quickly change to more balance and love with my clients using these soul-based qualities with significant others, parents, children and especially during the Holiday Season. It is a special, heart-warming blessing for you and your loved ones!

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