Access the Energy Line of Spirit Leading You

access the energy line of spirit leading you s BjcZxZ5Uvx 580Allowing spirit to lead you grants access to an energy line that few people have connected to.

A few big ways people prevent spirit from leading include: procrastinating, mistrust, and not having an effective technique to hear, see, know and feel spirit.

For Melissa and I, we recently overcame the procrastination around guidance spirit gave us two years ago. They instructed us to move to snowy Big Bear Lake, California, two and a half hours from the life and people we know. Actually, the big reason we have procrastinated is because of the long, windy road going up the mountain, and the thought of driving down and back up it once a week.

But we’re making the move this week. We can feel the change happening and look forward to finally following spirit’s instructions to live there.

When you’re deciding whether to trust spirit’s guidance, after using an effective technique to hear spirit clearly, it’s helpful to explore it with research or by just jumping in and taking action with it. Some forward movement is always helpful, and using your best discernment.

There’s a doorway before you, you can step through it and allow spirit to lead you.

The most effective doorway we’ve found is the technique spirit gave us to share with you called the Voice Channeling® Technique. If you want to learn it yourself, you can embark on an initial 8-week training course, or if you just want to experience it, Melissa will lead you through the technique in a one-on-one session. Let’s see where spirit wants to lead you next!

New Three® University shows you how spirit can lead you in Voice Channeling® through Sessions and Trainings

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