7 Signs for Intuitive Clarity vs. Human Nature

7 signs for intuitive clarity vs human nature HiNealZcIvx cropped 580wAllowing our human nature to lead our lives can create messy situations, by motivating us to respond from emotional and mental triggers, or even from our preferences of what we think is best.

Our human nature may want to tell someone exactly how we feel. With our emotions running high, we can say or do things that we believe are right in the moment, but we just end up making the situation more difficult.

It’s human to feel uncomfortable around certain people or to do certain things, and because we feel uncomfortable, we think it’s a ‘sign’ that we shouldn’t be around them or do the uncomfortable things.

Discomfort is not an intuitive insight. Discomfort is independent from intuitive ‘hits’ and intuitive direction.

Your intuition simply accesses truth and knowledge of the Universe, therefore it embodies neutrality and is objective.

Contrary to mainstream metaphysical beliefs, discomfort does not mean we are off path, and good feelings do not mean we are on path, necessarily. Often times we ‘feel good’ when we are simply comfortable or something is a known to us, and we ‘feel bad’ when we are uncomfortable or something is unknown to us. It is normal to be uncomfortable in new, unknown situations. Living our highest purpose will constantly direct us into uncharted experiences that are new and therefore can feel uncomfortable.

Many people confuse human nature and intuition.

Human nature includes emotional, intellectual and physical responses about things.

Examples of emotional responses include:

  • When someone agrees with you, you feel more accepted and happy, and when someone disagrees with you, you feel less accepted and less happy. Notice your subtle vibration with acceptance and unacceptance.
  • When you get what you want, you feel supported and empowered, and when you don’t get what you want, you feel less supported and confused.

Our intuition can contradict our human nature, especially when we’re actually receiving spiritual communication from our guides.

Our spiritual guidance has the widest vantage point to guide our life in the ways that are most purposeful for our soul’s journey. Spirit sees so much more than we are able to see as human beings.

Intuition picks up on facts, and facts can bring up emotion. If we receive an intuitive truth about something, and right away we’re feeling emotions, it can be confusing where the emotional and intuitive aspects are affecting each other. It’s not easy to pull out the intuition from the high emotion being felt. They mix and cloud each other.

There are seven key qualities to have intuitive clarity:

  1. Be grounded energetically in-body, connected to your total self.
  2. Calm your thoughts, emotions and body.
  3. Be aware of the emotional component of the insight.
  4. Become aware of the mental component of the insight.
  5. Move your point of consciousness slightly back into the observer perspective.
  6. Connect to the intuitive component of the insight or truth of the situation.
  7. Understand how the emotional and mental component could have been triggered by the intuitive component of the insight, so that you have a greater discernment of the next step or action that you want to take.

The intuitive insight will always appear more subtle, and is typically more apparent once the mental and emotional parts are calmed or neutralized, leaving clear intuitive direction.

Knowing the difference between our emotional, intellectual and physical responses and our intuition is learned through our sessions and training experiences that all work together. Direct spiritual communication is learned through Voice Channeling®. Ego-based and soul-based conscious and subconscious healing and transforming limitations is experienced in Five Accomplishments® Coaching. Strengthening and using all four intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, is mastered in Psychic Retrieval®.

Do you want your human nature to lead your life or do you want your own intuition and spirit to be your guide?

Move out of struggle into your greatest flow as the eternal soul you are.

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Guest - T.Michael Roberts on Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:11

Thank you for your good work in the Light during these interesting and challenging times on Earth! I believe that we lightworkers dedicated to New Being
will together bring a New Age for all. Please keep up your good work!

Thank you for your good work in the Light during these interesting and challenging times on Earth! I believe that we lightworkers dedicated to New Being will together bring a New Age for all. Please keep up your good work!
Monday, 26 August 2019

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