how to be unaffected by peoples energy G 6690 2223 580wSensitives are overwhelmed and affected by the energy of people, places and things.

A common question my clients ask is, “How can I not be affected by this person or situation?” You’ve probably thought this before.

Sometimes family members, your partner, coworkers, or even children, can have an energy that is overwhelming. It feels like the opposite of peace and calm.

These energies can create uncomfortable feelings in your body of hot or cold, sleepy or stimulating, mental or emotional, or even body pains and energetic ickiness. If you think about it, you can probably imagine how you’ve been uncomfortable with the energy of others daily.

There are reasons why you are affected by these external energies. As much as we’d like to believe “we’ve made it” and that “us enlightened people shouldn’t be affected by others,” we are affected.

For the longest time, I was affected by the energy of crowds of people when I’d be shopping or at gatherings in a way that was very ungrounding for me. I noticed it was harder to be present. I’d become uncomfortable and sometimes feel drained, or my energy would jump between high and low. It wasn’t until I cultivated a grounded practice and lifestyle, and brought my newfound awareness out into the world, that I was no longer affected.

Now I enjoy the freedom of being out in the world completely empowered in my own energy with balance and harmony. It’s great. But there are other areas in my life where I’m focusing now to be more grounded, like my body wellness and perfect health. The opportunities are so abundant.

It’s true that we don’t ‘need’ to be affected by energies. But also, our civilization is not supportive of consistent harmony and peace. Currently life is quite challenging for many people. But we can decrease our sensitivity to energy so that it doesn’t ping, point, prick, and hurt us as much. Indeed, we can evolve ourselves to the point of perceivably being unaffected by others’ energy. Let’s have this be a goal and not a ‘need’.

Our goal is to be less affected every day by others’ energy. Breathe and release into this moment with this attainable goal.

Please note, when we’re speaking about being affected by others’ energy that is uncomfortable to us, we’re not blaming other people. We are taking full responsibility for how we think, feel and manage our own energy.

There are several ways we can become more aware and unaffected. What I’m explaining next is the biggest reason you feel affected, in an uncomfortable way, by others:

#1) As a ‘feeler’ or ‘intuitive feeler’ or being ‘clairsentient’, you are more open to energy. You don’t want to close down your intuitive ability, but you do want to become empowered with it. Your biggest step to take, and possibly the last step needed, to be empowered over your sensitivity to energy is to understand and practice a grounded lifestyle.

Groundedness is your point of power because it means that your energy or aura is grounded where your body space is and allows you to operate in the most soul-based, empowered way.

You have power over your life when you’re grounded, but you have no power over your life when you’re ungrounded. Please know that spirit teaches us in my divinely communicated books that the practice of being grounded is much more involved than people think.

This one practice and deeply understanding it will change everything for you. It is not only important for empowering yourself over external energy, it is absolutely necessary to effectively manifest. You will have a weak manifestation when you’re ungrounded because other energies will interrupt and affect what you wish to manifest.

What you have heard is important, that to be grounded is to be present, and the Earth can help you do that, meditation, hugging a tree, and using your breath to center. Though if it was that easy, many would be there already. It is a small part of having a grounded practice.

#2) Here is a piece that will help you for years to come, as you continue cultivating a more grounded lifestyle, so you’re not as affected by external energy. Acceptance.

The reason we become ungrounded most of the time is because there is some aspect of our life experience that we do not accept. A relationship, health, career, money, self-image, or any other facet of our life, can be a part of life we’re not accepting. Hiding, pushing down, addressing at a later time, or ignoring something altogether, is synonymous with not accepting our life.

Ask Yourself:

These questions are to help you see the connection of acceptance with being empowered, and ultimately how you are energetically affected by something.

We have the ability to be grounded and mostly unaffected by other people and situations. We can experience peace and calm no matter what is happening around us.

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