Guided One-On-One Sessions for Intuition, Spiritual CommunicationHealing and Manifesting.



New Three University programs were channeled to Visionaries, Jason and Melissa, by the Divine.

We embrace a universal acceptance of an individual's beliefs in the Divine, without a particular religious affiliation.

We serve you through our three Spiritual Development Programs with one-on-one guided Sessions and in-depth Training experiences.

This page describes the guided session experiences with buttons to sign up. Sessions are conducted internationally through Skype or by phone.

You can also learn more about personal trainings on our Trainings page.

Sessions vs. Trainings: In these sessions you are facilitated by Melissa Lilly Nelson into a guided experience. Whereas in our trainings you learn how to facilitate these experiences on your own for yourself and others.



Program Comparison below will help you to choose the best program experience! 

*Experiencing all three programs together works best to strengthen all of your natural soul abilities!

NEW THREE® Program Comparison

All Sessions and Trainings Support YOU with:

  1. Energetic Opening, Clearing and Grounding: Conscious, Present, Overall Wellbeing and Transformation
  2. Creating Clarity and Vibrational Alignment in Every Life Area: Relationships – Health – Abundance - Career and Purpose
  3. Soul-Based Techniques: Channeled through Jason Nelson by the Divine Source to instantly access your soul’s unlimited power and unique purpose. These are the blueprints to have the most loving, purposeful life!

Program Experiences

Voice Channeling®

Five Accomplishments® Coaching

Psychic Retrieval®

Channeled Messages

Receive loving, practical support and answers to your personal questions, directly from your higher power, spirit guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, or the name you call spirit. No question is too big or too small in this safe, loving experience of spirit sharing channeled messages through you!

Spiritual Healing

Healing directly from spirit, or the name you call your higher power. This loving, high vibration is an example of the greatest love to align, clear and balance in miraculous ways.

Manifesting Mastery

Manifesting your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose. In a graceful, natural pace, this coaching system guides you through conscious and subconscious healing to reprogram ego-based patterns, supporting advanced manifesting.

Healing Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Resistance

Revealing, understanding and shifting any fears, discomforts and concerns that are holding you back from unconditional love and soul-based living is the key to realizing your highest fulfillment.

Aura Energy Field Readings

Intuitively see, hear, feel and know the complete multi-dimensional picture of any situation, past, present and future, providing life insight through your Intuitive Seeing Clair-voyance, Hearing Clair-audience, Feeling Clair-sentience, and Knowing Clair-cognizance

Full Intuitive Access with All Four Intuitive Senses

Intuitive Charting provides tools to strengthen all four intuitive senses, especially your weaker senses, so your access to all four senses is clear and consistent. It’s like coming to the intuitive gym.



In these sessions you are facilitated by Melissa Lilly Nelson.

NEW THREE® Sessions

Affordable Guided Sessions:

  1. Facilitated One-On-One by Phone or Skype audio.
  2. Session Packages. The starting amount of sessions for Voice Channeling® and Psychic Retrieval® is 1 session each, however, Five Accomplishments® Coaching has a minimum of 3 sessions to get started. Choose the minimum amount of sessions or choose the recommended 10-Session Package with a discount, where you can use them as you like, mixing and matching the guided session experiences.
  3. Difference Between Sessions and Trainings. ***SESSIONS – you are facilitated by a Practitioner and are reliant on the Practitioner for the session experience. ***TRAININGS – you learn the techniques to duplicate your own session experience by yourself without being reliant on a Practitioner to guide you.

Guided Sessions

10 Session Package Discount!

Voice Channeling®
1 Session

Five Accomplishments® Coaching
3 Sessions

Psychic Retrieval®
1 Session






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