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Highest Benefit Is Happening, Even Now
I Want What Is Right – Surrender Mantra for the Highest Benefit
Life Everlasting – Conversations and Healing With Your Deceased Loved One
How Your Soul Is Different From Your Personality
Your Desires Have Manifested – But There Is So Much More
Your Life Purpose Calling in the Age of the Soul
Telepathy – The Gift of Unspoken Communication
How Full Psychic Power Changes Your Life
Channeled Message – Spiritual Realm Direct Access Granted
Channeled Message – Rise Into Your Soul’s Brighter Vision
Channeled Message – Spirit Washing Away Your Doubts
Your Soul’s Voice – From Ego to Love
Spirit Guides – What Are Their Names and Purpose
Channeling New Energy for An Incredible Year
Knowing the Deepest Desires of Your Soul
Helping Your Family Open Their Hearts to Your Spiritual Path
Dream Interpretation Made Clear with Your Intuition
What Famous Mediums Have in Common and How You Can Get Your Own Messages
Guiding Your Relationships with Intuitive Decision-Making
Conscious Leadership: Guiding Your Family into Soul-Based Living
Transfer Your Soul’s Confidence into This Moment
Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones – Visions of My Sister
Releasing the Nagging Question of "Was It Really Spirit?"
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Posts by this author
Feeling the Power of Spirit
My Faith Walk with Spirit Was Proven to Me
Your Psychic Switch Is Always On
Deep Soul Love from Radical Self-Awareness
Turn Spiritual Signs Into Full Conversations With Spirit
Spiritual Reawakening, Celebrating and Expanding During Global Crisis
Incredible Manifestation Power from the Universe
Spiritual Healing – How to Manage Your Energy to Create Perfect Health
Love Notes From Your Soul – Gifts For Your Purpose
Akashic Record Reading – Family Relationships
Channeling Spirit's Love for Healing
Being in Flow – How to Stay on Purpose
Psychics – Get the Most Value From Your Reading
Oneness with Spirit – Your Heart Opening to Divine Love
New Divine Chapter – Spirit’s Plan For You Now
Psychic Power – The Engine of Healing and Manifesting
Many Lives – Past Lessons, Massive Healing
Divine Purpose – Questions for the Creator
Deeper Love – Intuitive Hits On What You Need
See Spirit? If You Don't, Try This… (The Power of Belief)
Two Souls As One – Love Is For Everyone
Intuitive Playtime – Making It Light and Fun
Spirit’s Abundant Support for Your Purpose
Spirit’s Prophecy Lighting the World
Pet Psychic – Talking With Your Animal
Divine Portals – Spiritual Energy We Need
Recoding Your Subconscious to Joy and Love
Past Life Surprises – Opening Your Book of Life
Spirit Laughs With Us Through Life
God's Bridge to Heaven on Earth
Psychic Healing – Amplifying the Energy
Hope and Gratitude Attraction – Feeling It Every Moment
How to Manage Your Energy as an Empath
Manifesting Destiny – What No One’s Talking About
Expand Your Purpose Beyond Blocks
When Your Intuition Leads You Astray
Table Seating for the Spirit – Holiday Guests from the Other Side
Instant Shifts – What to Expect
Is Intuition Genetic or Can It Be Learned?
7 Signs for Intuitive Clarity vs. Human Nature
Access the Energy Line of Spirit Leading You
How to Be Unaffected by People’s Energy
Soul-Based Journey into Perfect Healing
3 Steps on How to Interpret Spiritual Visions
Intuitively Thrive – “I don’t see, but I want to see”
Why Your Deceased Loved One Transitioned
Ending Reincarnation – Getting It All This Life
Jumping into Real Love, The Initiation of the Soul
Channel a Book – Share Your Soul's Voice
How to Invoke Spiritual Healing Miracles
3 Universal Healing Influences to Master Your Life Force Energy
Spirit Knows Your Deepest Soul Desire
Transcending the Gap Between Joy and Discomfort – An Evolved Perspective
Angels, Guardian Angels, Gatekeepers – Get to Know Your Primary and Secondary Spirit Guides
What Spirit Guides Say About Soul Mates
Expressing Clear Love in Relationship Crisis
Destiny of Your Soul
Manifesting Beyond the Law of Attraction
Powering Up Your Feeling of Spirit
Moving Mountains with Subconscious Healing
Trusting Subtle Psychic Hits
Sensitive Feelers – How to Stop Picking Up Other Energy
Timing is Everything with Prophetic Visions
Express Ticket to Eliminate Stressful Obligation
Never Feel Wrong Again – A Humble Radical Shift
Sensitizing Yourself to the Unseen Spirit World
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